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Letter from the Chair & CEO

Ontario is in a period of profound and rapid change in how energy is produced, transported and consumed. For the Ontario Energy Board, this means we are preparing for shifting expectations from the consumers we protect, adapting to new opportunities and challenges for the businesses we regulate, and responding to new and emerging priorities in provincial energy policy.


Rosemarie T. Leclair, Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Rosemarie T. Leclair Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Highlights of the Year
Empowering Consumers in their Energy Choices
Empowering Ontario energy consumers means helping them to understand the value they receive for money spent on energy, make informed choices in how they use energy and take part in the conversation about Ontario’s energy future.

Protecting and Engaging Consumers
Across all of our work, the OEB is reaching out to consumers to harness their input, opinions and experiences to help build a stronger system that better reflects their needs.

Enhancing Expertise and Knowledge
The OEB is committed to ensuring we stay current on emerging issues and trends, and that we are exposed to a wide range of ideas.