OEB CUSTOM SCORECARD REPORT: Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation


Performance Year

New Residential/Small Business Services Connected on Time (Target: 90%)

Scheduled Appointments Met on Time (Target: 90%)

Telephone Calls Answered on Time (Target: 65%)

Billing Accuracy (Target: 98%)

First Contact Resolution

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Level of Public Awareness

Level of Compliance with Ontario Regulation 22/04 (Target: substantially compliant)

Number of General Public Incidents

Rate per 10, 100, 1000 km of line

Average Number of Times Power to Customer is Interrupted

Average Number of Hours Power to Customer is Interrupted

Distribution System Plan Implementation on Progress

Efficiency Assessment (1 = most efficient 5 = least efficient)

Total Cost ($) per Customer

Total Cost ($) per Km of Line

Renewable Generation Connection Impact Assessments Completed on Time

New Micro-Embedded Generation Facilities Connected on Time (Target: 90%)

Liquidity: Current Ratio

Leverage: Total Debt to Equity Ratio

Profitability: Regulatory Return on Equity - Deemed

Profitability: Regulatory Return on Equity - Achieved

202290.27%99.03%88.21%99.9699.94%80.2%88%C001.451.46Near Budget377924402%1000.770.678.98%7.69%
202193.92%99.41%86.26%99.9999.9377.888%C001.591.86Near Budget371421932%1000.940.608.98%9.39%
2020100%100%82.67%99.980.999977.887%C002.021.95Near Budget371021695100%1.090.728.98%10.80%
201999.77%100%87.4%10099.9974.4C001.871.88At Budget373434871100%1.130.698.98%10.93%
201896.89%99.72%82.31%10099.99%74.40%C001.671.60At Budget373034186100%1001.360.678.98%11.86%