Records Request Form


Complete this form to request public record(s) from past adjudicative proceedings or consultations at the Ontario Energy Board. Please provide as much detail as possible when identifying the record(s) you are requesting.

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Please indicate the case file number(s) related to the record(s) that you are requesting. This can be the EB, RP, EBO or EBRO number (e.g., EB-2020-0290). If requesting record(s) from more than one case, please include all relevant case file numbers.


Date of Record(s) Requested

If you have an estimated time frame for the record(s) you are requesting, please input it below.


Please list the specific record(s) sought. (Please see the "Typical types of records" listing below). If requesting records from various case file numbers, please identify the case file number with each specific record(s) requested.

Typical types of records
  • Decision
  • Licence
  • Notice
  • Acknowledgement Letter
  • Affidavits of Service
  • Application and Evidence
  • Applicant Final Argument
  • Applicant Reply Argument
  • Applicant Reply on Cost Eligibility
  • Application Argument in Chief
  • Argument
  • Bulletin
  • Certificate
  • Code/Rule
  • Comments
  • Correspondence
  • Cost Claim
  • Cost Claim Objection
  • Cost Claim Objection Reply
  • Cost Eligibility Request
  • Cost Eligibility Decision
  • Cost Eligibility Objection
  • Cross Examination Material
  • Decision and Order
  • Decision and Order on Cost Awards
  • Decision on Motion
  • Decision with Reasons
  • Declaration and Undertakings
  • Draft Rate Order
  • Exhibits
  • Exhibit List
  • Factum
  • Final Argument
  • Guidelines
  • Guidelines – Draft
  • Interim Decision and Order
  • Interim Licence
  • Interim Licence and Decision/ Order
  • Interim Order
  • Interim Rate Order
  • Interrogatories to Applicant
  • Interrogatories to Intervenor
  • Interrogatory Response from Applicant
  • Interrogatory Responses from Intervenor
  • Intervenor Evidence
  • Intervenor Argument
  • Intervenor List
  • Intervenor Request Letter
  • Intervenor Request Objection
  • Letter of No Review
  • Letter of Comment
  • Letter of Direction
  • Letter of Review
  • Licence
  • Licence and Decision/ Order
  • Motion
  • Motion to Review
  • Motion to Vary
  • Notice
  • Notice of Amendment to a Code – Rule
  • Notice of Appeal
  • Notice of Application
  • Notice of Application and Notice of Hearing
  • Notice of Hearing
  • Notice of Hearing for Cost Awards
  • Notice of Proposal
  • Notice of Proposal to Amend a Code – Rule
  • Observer Request Letter
  • Order
  • Participation Request Letter
  • Post Hearing Filings
  • Pre-Hearing Material
  • Procedural Order
  • Rate Model
  • Rate Order
  • Report of the OEB
  • Settlement Proposal
  • Submission
  • Staff Paper
  • Staff Bulletin
  • Transcripts
  • Undertaking List
  • Undertaking Responses

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    If there are any other details that you would like to provide about this request, please outline them here (e.g., name of applicant or title of proceeding).




    Notice – Information Relating to Request
    With the exception of a personal email address provided, information submitted in relation to a records request will not be treated as confidential.