Energy policy initiatives

Find out how we develop regulatory policies to meet emerging challenges in the energy sector.
About us

As Ontario’s independent energy regulator, we develop policy that contributes to a sustainable and reliable energy sector and protects consumers. The Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines also calls on us to implement special requirements – called directives – and to provide expert and impartial advice on important policy initiatives.

How we develop new policies

When we develop new policies, we engage energy companies, energy-related agencies, public interest groups and consumers. Some of our practices include:

  • Stakeholder meetings and working groups
  • Public consultations and meetings with Indigenous Communities
  • Review of practices in other provinces or countries
  • Research

Types of policies we work on

We use our expertise to develop regulatory policy on issues affecting Ontario’s energy sector. Here are some of the energy policies we are involved in:

  • Handling consumer complaints
    We are introducing requirements that regulated entities such as electricity and natural gas utilities must follow when addressing a consumer complaint that has been forwarded to them by the Ontario Energy Board.
  • Regulated price plan roadmap
    We are in the process of implementing a five-point plan to redesign electricity prices. The goal is to improve system efficiency and give consumers new tools to help them better manage their electricity usage. We are introducing the plan in stages to allow electricity consumers time to understand and adapt to any changes to time-of-use rates.
  • Cyber-security and privacy
    We are engaging key industry stakeholders to develop industry standards and best practices that will help to protect personal information and the reliable operation of smart electricity grids in Ontario. Our goal is to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to business and operating systems that could result from the increased use of automation, electronic communications and data flows.

Have your say

have your say

The policies we develop for the energy sector can have a direct impact on households and small business owners throughout the province. So we’re providing opportunities for those who may be affected to have your say. It’s important to consider your views so that we can better understand the implications of our work. Find out what policies we’re working on.