Government directives and priority projects

Learn how we support the government in implementing its energy priorities.
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The Ontario Energy Board is sometimes called upon by the Minister of Energy to provide an informed and impartial perspective on important issues related to the energy sector. The Minister can also call on us to take steps to support important government policies through what are called directives.

Here are some examples of requests from the Minister asking us to examine, report and advise on specific energy issues:  

  • Examining and reporting on retail transportation fuels prices
  • Reporting on an appropriate electricity rate (or rate assistance) for on-reserve First Nations electricity consumers
  • Developing an assistance program for low-income electricity customers 
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010; and
  • Examining the potential impacts of the proposed Energy East Pipeline for Ontario

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The Government of Ontario can make an order declaring that a new, expanded or reinforced transmission line is needed as a priority project. Ontario Energy Board approval is still required in these cases. Projects include:

  • New Line to Pickle Lake and Connection of Remote First Nation Communities
  • East-West Tie 

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