We make tools to help you

We want consumers to understand their energy bills. The more you know, the more you can make informed decisions. That’s where having the right tools can help.

As Ontario’s independent energy regulator, we actively listen to what consumers tell us and provide several ways for them to give and receive information, including this website.

Online bill calculator

Ever wondered what your monthly electricity or gas bill would be if you signed up for a retail contract? Not sure if it would be cheaper to stay with your utility or commit to a contract price for up to 5 years?

Our online bill calculator can help. Use it to estimate your monthly utility bill and see what your bill would be if you had a retail contract.

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Understanding time-of-use rates

Do you know what time-of-use rates are, and how they apply to you?

Learn how shifting your electricity use to different times of the day or week can affect your bill during different times of the year.

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Community outreach

We welcome the opportunity to attend community events such as home shows, plowing matches, seniors’ events and local gatherings in order to answer any questions you might have about Ontario’s energy sector. If your community group wants to know how to resolve an issue with a local utility or energy retailer, how to access financial assistance for low-income households, or is looking for information about the new rules for energy retailers, contact us. We’re here to help.

Community meetings

Community meetings are a great way to get information about your utility’s plans to change your rates. We organize community meetings so that you can talk with us directly and with representatives from your local utility and ask questions. Come and learn about a rate application, and have your say before any decision is made.

Learn more about community meetings

We host local community meetings so that you have a chance to share your thoughts and ask questions about things your local utility has asked the Ontario Energy Board to approve, such as an increase in the rates they charge for the delivery of electricity or natural gas.

You can learn why your utility is asking for changes and how it justifies them. This is your opportunity to ask hard questions about your utility’s costs. You can give us your input directly, which we will take into consideration as part of our decision-making process.

Upcoming community meetings

Sorry, no upcoming community meetings at this time.