We monitor energy companies and the wholesale electricity market

Another important part of our consumer protection mandate includes monitoring the electricity utility performance, monitoring the wholesale electricity market and making sure that the energy companies understand the rules and our expectations.

Monitoring utilities’ performance

We monitor the performance of electricity utilities in a number of areas, including reliability, customer service and costs.

How is your utility performing?

See the dashboard for your electricity utility for at-a-glance performance stats, including reliability, customer service and operational efficiency.

You can also find comprehensive performance data in your electricity utility’s scorecards and in the natural gas and electricity yearbooks so that you know how well your utility is measuring up.

We factor a utility's performance scorecard into our decision-making when they apply to change their rates.

Rules for energy companies

We work to make sure that energy companies understand our rules and policies, and what we expect to see when they make an application. We publish handbooks, guidelines and other information on applications and Ontario Energy Board policies, as well as bulletins to provide more detail on how to comply with the rules.

Monitoring the wholesale electricity market

Our Market Surveillance Panel actively monitors the wholesale electricity market to identify inappropriate behaviour by market participants, as well as design flaws or inefficiencies in the market. The Panel can also investigate inappropriate or unusual market behaviour. The Panel's monitoring and investigation reports often contain recommendations for improvements that should be made to the wholesale market, most of which will ultimately benefit consumers.

See past Market Surveillance Panel Reports