Stakeholder and consumer groups

Engaging with the public and stakeholders is an important part of what we do in performing our mandate. The more we hear, the more we learn about how well the energy sector is working to meet the needs of energy consumers. This informed perspective helps us on our path to continuous improvement.

We have created processes through which our stakeholders – including consumers, distributors, generators, transmitters and anyone else with an interest in the sector – can provide advice and recommendations for us to consider.

Ways we engage

Our Consumer Panel is made up of a large and diverse group of residential and small business consumers from all parts of Ontario. It provides an opportunity to:

  • Discuss issues that are important to consumers
  • Gather ideas and provide feedback on the solutions and tools we are developing
  • Help assess the effectiveness of our outreach and communications activities.

The insights and perspectives of the Consumer Panel help us to better understand consumer needs and expectations so that we can improve our processes, provide better information and develop more effective tools to empower consumers. Their input also helps us strengthen the rules that apply to energy companies to better protect consumers.

More information on the OEB Consumer Panel

Our Ontario Pipeline Coordinating Committee acts as an important bridge with industry, to coordinate various activities involving natural gas pipelines in the province.

What does the Ontario Pipeline Coordinating Committee do?
The Ontario Pipeline Coordinating Committee coordinates the review of natural gas projects in Ontario that require Ontario Energy Board approval – such as pipeline construction and projects related to the storage of natural gas in geological formations. It reviews environmental assessments, considers reports prepared by the energy companies and raises any concerns with applicants before they submit their applications to the Ontario Energy Board. The Committee’s mandate and the steps in its review process are set in the OEB Environmental Guidelines for Hydrocarbon Pipelines and Facilities in Ontario.


The Committee is made up of government ministries and agencies that have a role in reviewing natural gas transmission and distribution facility projects. It is chaired by a staff member from the Ontario Energy Board.

  • Zora Crnojacki (Chair), Ontario Energy Board
  • Helma Geerts, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Ministry of Rural Affairs
  • Dan Minkin, Ministry of Heritage Sport Tourism and Culture Industries
  • Tony Difabio, Ministry of Transportation
  • Kourosh Manouchehri, Technical Standards and Safety Authority
  • Sally Renwick, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
  • Maya Harris, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
  • Michelle Knieriem, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Western Municipal Services Office
  • Michael Elms, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Eastern Municipal Services Office
  • Bridget Schulte-Hostedde, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Municipal Services Office - North (Sudbury)
  • Manager, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Municipal Services Office - North (Thunder Bay)
  • Agni Papageorgiou, Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP), Environmental Assessment Branch
  • Jason McCullough, Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines
  • Cory Ostrowka, Infrastructure Ontario