Chair's advisory roundtable

Industry (Utility /Generation/ Transmission)

Steve Baker

President, Union Gas/Board member, Ontario Energy Association

David Butters

President & CEO, Association of Power Producers of Ontario

Robert Mace

President & CEO, Thunder Bay Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc.

Helga Reidel

President and Chief Executive Officer of ENWIN Utilities Ltd.

Brian Wilkie

President & CEO, Niagara Peninsula Energy/Chair, Electricity Distributors Association

Public policy & environment

Rick Byers

Executive Vice President (ret'd), Borealis Infrastructure

Jeff Lehman

Mayor, City of Barrie/Chairman, Association of Municipalities of Ontario & Ontario’s Large Urban Mayors’ Caucus (LUMCO)

Consumer (residential / business)

Theresa McClenaghan

Executive Director & Counsel, Canadian Environmental Law Association/Representative, Low Income Energy Network

Plamen Petkov

Vice President, Ontario, Canadian Federation of Independent Business