Janis Wilkinson

Janis Wilkinson

Interim Executive Director, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

Janis Wilkinson has been a positive force in the Canadian Solar PV sector for the past decade.  She is best known for fostering high performing management teams, while overseeing sector growth of solar PV adoption and public education on renewable energy

Janis is a tireless and effective advocate for renewable energy.  She has had measureable success advancing the renewable energy agenda with the public, as well as with corporate and government audiences.

Her skills and contribution to the solar sector are multidimensional. Typically, when in her private sector career, she both participated in regulatory consultations with government, while engaged in overseeing increased sales and installations.

Recently, Janis has leveraged her knowledge and experience from the private sector PV solar space to further benefit the renewable sector. She has assumed the role of Interim Executive Director of the Ontario Sustainable Association of Ontario (OSEA’s).  Her goal is to realign OSEA’s operations to make it responsive to the changed dynamic in the industry.

Janis is a solar industry builder, with a history of contributing to the bottom line of solar PV companies while growing consumer support for solar and other renewables.