February 17th, 1999

The Task Force (TF) reviewed the minutes of its last meeting and the progress of other TFs. Each TF Working Group (WG) reviewed its progress. Discussion of Dr. Cannonís paper and summary of PBR issues recently presented to OEB Board. Board Staff made presentation on Demand Side Management ("DSM") as it has been applied to natural gas utilities in Ontario by the OEB. 

WG1 (Customer Service) discussed estimated changes, problems with standard performance indicators when measuring rural vs. urban areas, reducing the proposed number of benchmarks, defining dead bands posing a challenge. WG2 (Reliability) discussed preferred performance indicators, need for reliable and consistent data, reporting frequency of one year, 1st yr implementation, 2nd yr refinement, and 3rd yr integration. WG3 (Plan Term/Exit Tamps) discussed plan term, Z-factors, off-ramps, PBR objectives and general implementation issues. 


TF representatives agreed to continue their reviews, and specifically assess: 

  • Working Group 1: earnings sharing between shareholders and ratepayers. 
  • Working Group 2: incentive structure for those failing performance reliability measures. 
  • Working Group 3: implementation time lines, inclusion of energy efficiency. 
Each Working Group will prepare a short report for the next TF meeting. 

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