January 20th, 1999

The Task Force (TF) reviewed and discussed the PBR process and issues, and the progress of other TFs. The TF’s Terms of Reference were reviewed. The TF discussed: reliability standards, classes, and location; incentives; premium services; safety; energy, environmental and market failure considerations; LDC monopoly services/responsibility; reliability and customer service measurement; data availability and collection and small utilities; compliance and reporting; rural assistance; "Z" factors; plan terms and exit ramps; sharing; capital budgeting, capital expenditures, and growth; rights of way. 


TF representatives agreed to form and participate in three subcommittees: 

Working Group 1 - Customer Service  
  • George Armstrong, Pickering Hydro - Chair 
  • Judy Allan, Enbridge Consumers Gas 
  • Thomas Eyre, Brantford Hydro 
  • Gunars Ceksters, Mississauga Hydro 
Working Group 2 - Reliability  
  • Ken Walsh, London Hydro - Chair 
  • Bob Menard, Power Workers’ Union 
  • Doug Reeves, Sudbury Hydro 
  • Ron Lapier, Sarnia Hydro 
  • Cosmo Picassi, Toronto Hydro 
Working Group 3 - Plan Term/Exit Ramps  
  • Joe Bailey, Toronto Hydro - Chair 
  • Mary Ellen Richardson, Econalysis Consulting Services 
  • Lisa DeMarco, Donahue & Partners 
  • Jim Lavelle, Whitby Hydro 
  • Judy Kwik, OEB 
Each Working Group will prepare a short report for the next TF meeting to be distributed by January 29. 


Among others: Sharing, "Z" factors, energy efficiency, capital measurement and growth, special circumstanced-utilities, LDC responsibility/monopoly services 


TF will meet on the following dates at 9:30: 2/3, 2/17, 3/3 and 3/17. 

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