March 3rd, 1999


The Task Force (TF) reviewed the time line of restructuring events affecting electricity utilities (retail licencing, corporatization deadline, start of taxation start date, unbundled distribution rates, etc). The working group dealing with the energy efficiency issue shared the outcome of their discussions. They are suggesting a biphasic approach to DSM with voluntary adoption of mechanisms to effect DSM in Phase I, followed by a DSM consultative process Phase II to have consistent approach to DSM in the gas and electricity industries. Extensive discussions and concerns were raised regarding energy efficiency. The working group concerned with customer service performance standards prepared a survey that will be distributed to all electricity distributors with the purpose of determining measurable benchmarks. The group working on reliability standards are suggesting SAIDI (system average interruption duration index) and CAIDI (customer average interruption duration index) as the system reliability indicators. A survey to establish benchmarks for these two indicators will be distributed together with the aforementioned customer service benchmark survey. 


The working group dealing with energy efficiency will continue their discussions with the questions of where DSM resides, what the role of the distributors is, and consider options for voluntary programs outside of PBR. The task force members discussing the sharing mechanism will look at sharing under complete rate restructuring and under phasing-in of rate restructuring. The group developing the reliability standards will prepare their survey for the determination of benchmarks and will continue work on performance enforcement. 
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