Implementation Task Force
Terms of Reference
  1. Objective
  2. The objective of this task force is to assist Board Staff in identifying and assessing features, procedures and requirements regarding the non economic implementation aspects of PBR. 

  3. Scope of Work
  4. Members of this task force will assist Board Staff to identify, prioritize, and evaluate the non-economic aspects of PBR. For example, members of this task force will assist in the development of minimum performance standards, sharing mechanisms, plan term, Z factors (or cost pass throughs), and exit ramps/reviews. In each of these, as well as, other possible aspects of implementation, members will work to develop detailed guidelines and benchmarks. With respect to minimum performance standards, as an example, members will identify required categories (e.g. reliability), the measurement benchmark to be employed (e.g. minutes of interruptions), and the quantitative threshold of performance. In addition, with respect to standards, this task force will assess the need for geographic differentiation, in part or all, of a particular standard. Other implementation issues may require similar considerations.

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