January 21st, 1999

The Task Force (TF) reviewed and discussed the PBR process and issues, and the progress of other TFs. The TFs Terms of Reference were reviewed. The TF discussed the Uniform System of Accounts and its relationship with PBR. The TF also discussed: unusual recent expenditures, variances in utility accounting practices, unbundling and rate structure, line loses, the settlements process, and contestable services. Professor Bill Canon presented the results of his research on capital costs to the Task Force. 


TF representatives agreed to form and participate in two subcomittees: 

    Working Group 1 - Services
    • Rob Reid, Great Lakes Power Ltd. - Chair 
    • Ramona Abi Rashed, Whitby Hydro 
    • Wayne Panko, Pickering Hydro 
    • Maurice Tucci, MEA 
    • Ralph Amar, Mississauga Hydro 
    • Bruce Bacon, Econalysis Consulting Services 
    • Ray Payne, Municipality of Chatham-Kent 
    • Gordon Firman, MEST 
    Working Group 2 - Rate Structure
    • Ed Jambor, London Hydro - Chair 
    • Adrian Pye, Enbridge Consumers Gas 
    • Rick Stevens, Ontario Hydro Services Co. 
    • Gerry Dupont, Nepean HEC 
    • Anthony Lam, Toronto Hydro 
    • Al Clark, Waterloo North Hydro 
    • Doug Cummings, Hamilton Hydro 
    • Pran Sengupta, Sarnia Hydro 

Each Working Group will prepare a short report for the next TF meeting. 


Service categorization, unbundling, and rates; line losses; default supplier role; competition and contestability; rate structure/rate adjustment impacts; consistency of historical accounting practices; and, capital costs among others. 


TF will meet on the following dates at 9:30: 2/4, 2/18, 3/4 and 3/18. 

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