January 27th, 1999

The Task Force (TF) reviewed and discussed the progress of other TFs as well as the Minutes of the January 12 meeting. TF members discussed the situation of small utilities and the transitionís potential impact on utility rates and ownership. The TF spent significant time reviewing and modifying the PBR data requests. Each item was examined. The TF clarified a number of items in the request and noted the importance of both Part A and Part B. The TF discussed hypothetical rate adjustment mechanisms and their implications. 


The MEA agreed to notify their members that an amended version of the data request would be posted on the OEBís website by January 29. The MEA also agreed to note the importance of this data request in their communication. MEU TF members agreed to act as liaisons with other MEUs to clarify or explain the data request. TF members agreed to make their best efforts to compile the available data in the 2/11 to 2/18 timeframe, if not sooner. The TF agreed to form two subcommittees: 

    Rate Adjustment Mechanisms 
    • David Wills, North Bay - Chair 
    • Guy Cuff, Kanata Hydro 
    • Arthur Emmet, Nepean Hydro 
    • Ed Robertson, Econalysis 
    • Fred Druyf, Waterloo North Hydro 
    • Larry Yanchuk, Sudbury Hydro 
    • Jerry McIntyre, MEA 
    • Ted Wojcinski, Vaughan Hydro 

    • Tim Fryer, Collingwood PUC - Chair 
    • Colleen Walwyn, Toronto Hydro 
    • Chris Buckler, Mississauga Hydro 
    • Margaret Brown, Pickering Hydro 
    • Jim Hogan/Brian McKerlie, Chatham-Kent 
    • Tim Lavoie, Great Lakes Power 
    • David Simmons, Sarnia Hydro 
    • Rick Archdekin, Wasaga Beach Hydro 
    • Steve Cartwright, Enbridge Consumers Energy 
The Rate Adjustment Mechanisms working group will discuss possible approaches at the 2/11 meeting. 

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