Connection impact assessment timelines

This information is outdated. New information will be posted shortly.

As part of the Ministry of Energy’s Two-Year Review of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) Feed-In Tariff Program, generators and distributors identified the need for greater clarity and transparency of the connection process for distribution-connected generation projects.  The resulting recommendation from the Two-Year Review Report in March 2012 was:

"Establish best practices and processes for LDCs and transmitters that will improve communication, transparency and coordination between the OPA, LDCs, transmitters and generators regarding the Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) process and status of applications."

The Ministry of Energy has developed a set of best practices in consultation with the OEB, OPA, IESO, EDA, and several generator organizations to increase transparency and predictability for generators as well as to help both LDCs and generators better understand how the connection process can influence development timelines and milestones. 

The Ministry of Energy’s review resulted in two key documents:

  • A set of best practices recommended for any organization that prepares assessments
  • A visual description of the parts of the Distribution System Code and regulation applicable to the timelines for CIA applications, available on the Ministry of Energy and OEB websites.

The Ontario Energy Board has provided a copy of the Ministry of Energy’s visual description at the link below:

For the most up-to-date version of the Ministry of Energy’s visual description and best practices described above, please visit the Ministry of Energy’s website. Inquiries regarding the Ministry of Energy’s best practices and the visual description should be directed to the Ministry of Energy.