Green energy initiatives

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The Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009 establishes important responsibilities for the OEB and other entities in achieving the objectives of conservation, promotion of renewable generation, and technological innovation through the smart grid.

The OEB has three new objectives under the Act:

  1. The promotion of renewable energy, including the timely connection of renewable energy projects to transmission and distribution systems;
  2. The promotion of conservation and demand management; and
  3. The facilitation of the implementation of a smart grid

The OEB is committed to integrating the objectives in the Green Energy Act with the Board’s traditional mandate around economic efficiency, cost effectiveness, consumer protection, and promotion of public confidence in the sector.



Conservation and demand management

Distribution system plans for renewable connection and smart grid

Infrastructure development and planning for renewable generation 

  • Regional Planning (EB-2011-0043)
    • The OEB initiated a consultation aimed at promoting the cost-effective development of electricity infrastructure through coordinated planning on a regional basis between licensed distributors and transmitters.
  • Rate Protection and the Determination of Direct Benefits under Ontario Regulation 330/09 (EB-2009-0349)
    • The OEB initiated a consultation process to address how the OEB should, in accordance with the requirements of Ontario Regulation 330/09, determine the direct benefits that accrue to the consumers of a distributor when that distributor has incurred costs to make an eligible investment in its distribution system to accommodate a renewable energy generation facility.
  • Transmission Project Development Planning (EB-2010-0059)
    • The OEB proposes a process to designate transmitters to undertake development work for transmission projects identified as required for accommodating renewable generation by the OPA in its Economic Connection Test.
  • Distributor Owned Generation (EB-2009-0411)
    • The OEB proposed amendments to the Distribution System Code and Affiliates Relationship Code for Electricity Distributors and Transmitters to reflect the ability of electricity distributors to own and operate certain renewable and other generation facilities as well as energy storage facilities.
  • Distribution Rate for Embedded Generators (EB-2009-0326)
    • The OEB has commenced a proceeding to determine a just and reasonable rate to be charged by an electricity distributor for the recovery of costs associated with an embedded generator having a nameplate capacity of 10kilowatts or less that meets the eligibility requirements of the Ontario Power Authority’s microFIT program.
  • The Regulatory Treatment of Infrastructure Investment for Ontario’s Electricity Transmitters and Distributors (EB-2009-0152)
    • The OEB is consulting on more innovative approaches to cost recovery for electricity infrastructure projects. Availability of the mechanisms will be associated primarily with investments relating to the accommodation of renewable generation and smart grid development.

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