See how Ontario’s electricity rates stack up

We’re not the most expensive jurisdiction in North America. Ontarians generally pay higher electricity rates than other Canadians but less than many of our American neighbours including residents of Ohio, Michigan and New York.

With the help of our rate charts, you can now see how your utility prices rank against the rest of the province and many American jurisdictions. There are some important considerations to keep in mind as you review the data. For example:

  • For using the same amount of electricity, a resident of Hawkesbury would pay $118 before taxes compared to $183 for a customer paying Hydro One’s most rural rate (R2). Ontario’s most rural communities likely do not have access to natural gas for heating.
  • A majority of Ontarians heat their homes with natural gas. The effect is a lower average, monthly electricity bill. But keep in mind, these customers pay a natural gas bill. Access to natural gas is an important consideration when looking at regional differences in total home energy costs. It’s something that the Financial Accountability Office of Ontario raised in a recent Annual Report.
  • Ontario decided to be an early mover in advancing renewable technologies like wind and solar when the infrastructure costs were relatively high. Other jurisdictions have access to less costly sources of generation than Ontario; some are more environmentally friendly than others.
  • If Ontario were a state, its electricity rates would rank 24th, below Michigan, Ohio, New York and significantly below Hawaii, which has electricity prices more than double those in the province.
  • Ontarians living in large cities, such as Toronto, pay less than residents of San Francisco, Detroit, New York and Boston for electricity but more than people living in Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary.

We’re committed to providing reliable, accurate information to help you better understand your bill. If you’re a residential or small business customer, these comparisons will be helpful. We’re working towards including comparisons for larger business customers in the future.

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