Enbridge Gas Inc. - 2019 utility earnings and deferral variance disposition

Enbridge Gas Inc.

Enbridge Gas Inc. has applied to the Ontario Energy Board for approval to dispose of amounts recorded in certain deferral and variance accounts and for approval of the amount of its 2019 earnings that it is required to share with customers.

If the application is approved as filed, a typical residential customer in the EGD Rate Zone (former Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. customers) would pay a one-time charge of $0.74 in January 2021.

A typical residential customer in each of the Union Rate Zones (former Union Gas Limited customers) would see the following impacts:

  • Union South Rate Zone: a total charge of $4.97 collected over three months, from January to March 2021
  • Union North West Rate Zone: a total credit of $61.53 received over three months, from January to March 2021
  • Union North East Rate Zone: a total credit of $5.94 received over three months, from January to March 2021

Other customers, including businesses, may also be affected.

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Details and Updates

The OEB has issued a Decision on Settlement Proposal on an Application by Enbridge Gas Inc. for approval to dispose 2019 balances in certain deferral and variance accounts and to review amounts for earnings sharing.

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