Consumer Panel

Consumers from around the province are helping to shape energy policies, programs and services.

We actively seek consumer input to improve and achieve better results for energy customers. We do this with the support of our Consumer Panel, created in 2015. 

The panel is made up of a large and diverse group of residential and small business consumers from all parts of Ontario. It’s an opportunity for consumers to:

  • Contribute ideas and provide feedback on the policies, programs and processes we are developing
  • Provide insights about how the broader Ontario public is thinking and feeling about energy matters 
  • Help assess the effectiveness of our outreach and communications activities

The insights and perspectives of the Consumer Panel ensure that the OEB’s work reflects consumer interests and priorities.


What the Panel has contributed already

From helping to create our new website to developing the province’s very first energy Consumer Charter of Rights, panel members have given advice and input on a range of topics. Here are a few examples:


Here’s what Panel members have to say about their experience


Types of panels

There are two types of panels: 

  • In-person - members meet at a location in their community and take part in discussions guided by OEB staff. Since 2015, we’ve been consulting with more than 100 panel members spread over 4 locations: Toronto/GTA, London, Kingston and Sudbury. 
  • Online panels - members can take part in surveys in the comfort of their home or office at a time that’s convenient for them. In 2017, we added this online panel of 2,000 residential and business consumers. Such a large panel helps ensure the information gathered is statistically valid and more accurately represents the perspectives of all Ontarians. We’re also creating a separate panel of 300 small business representatives to ensure we are doing all we can to reflect the needs of this important energy consumer.


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