Learn how we make decisions and what factors we consider

The Ontario Energy Board regulates your local electricity and natural gas utility. Part of our role is to consider the requests utilities make for changes to the rates and charges you pay for the delivery of electricity and natural gas. Before we make a decision about these requests, we factor in all the questions, concerns and arguments of people like you, as well as small businesses, intervenors and our staff to ensure our decisions are made in the public interest.

How we make decisions

Before making a decision we:

  • Thoroughly review the utility’s application
  • Read and consider the questions and concerns expressed in letters of comment from consumers
  • Review the report filed after a community meeting (which can include questions asked and comments made by local residents and small business owners)
  • Review and consider input from public interest groups – called intervenors – at a hearing
  • Look at the questions, evidence and arguments of our staff – the Ontario Energy Board’s in-house experts -- on topics like economics, engineering, accounting, finance and a host of other subjects that often come up in our hearings. Our staff gives careful consideration to each application, asks hard questions and helps focus our attention on issues that our decision-makers need to consider.

View a list of major decisions issued by the OEB

Make your opinion count

Visit the current rate applications page to learn the facts and comment on specific applications:

  • See what your utility is asking for and why, and provide your comments online
  • Find out when upcoming community meetings and hearings are being held so that you can attend
  • Read documents related to the case