Electricity rate comparison

As an independent regulatory body, the OEB establishes reasonable rates and prices and provides information to make your bill easier to understand.

The OEB has posted data comparing the total electricity bill amounts of each Ontario utility for residents (residential rate class) and small businesses (general service under 50 kW rate class). The bill calculations are based on average monthly electricity consumption in each rate class, and do not include taxes. 

Ontarians can also see how their residential electricity bills compare with other jurisdictions in Canada and the United States. The data for these other jurisdictions comes from a Hydro-Quebec report.

We’re Helping Low-Income Customers

We understand and are sensitive to concerns consumers have about their electricity bills.

Special rules are available for low-income customers, including waiving security deposits and allowing longer payment periods.

There are also programs and initiatives to help low-income customers. You need to meet certain criteria to qualify for these. 

Compare estimated total bills for Ontario distributors

Compare estimated total bills for selected jurisdictions in Canada/U.S.A.