Performance assessment

Find out how we monitor and assess licensed energy companies for service, reliability and fairness.
Utility performance and monitoring

We carefully scrutinize the performance of the energy companies we regulate.

In addition to assessing utility performance scorecard data and analyzing performance trends, our work helps to inform the decisions we make about specific energy companies and the energy system overall, and in this way enables us to protect consumers.

The main responsibilities of this work are grouped into the following key areas:

1. Assessing financial viability
We monitor the financial viability of the electricity and gas sectors in Ontario. This is done by analyzing, assessing and interpreting financial and other utility performance information.

2. Reporting the results
The results of individual reviews are shared in draft, to confirm accuracy, only with the entity involved. When applicable, the final report is provided to the management of that company for their formal response and action plan. The findings may ultimately be used as evidence in future proceedings and where findings are of a compliance nature, further investigation and enforcement action may be taken.

How is your utility performing?

See the performance dashboard for your electricity utility for at-a-glance stats, including how accurate its billing is, how often the utility has been on time for scheduled appointments and how many power outages it has had.