Cost Awards by Case

April 1, 2013 - March 31, 2014

Case Number

Case Description


Total Cost Award

Ontario Energy Board, East-West Transmission Tie Line $262,886.28
Algoma Coalition$23,327.32
Consumer Council of Canada$27,035.25
City of Thunder Bay$45,598.89
Metis Nation of Ontario$41,865.82
Nishnawbe Aski Nation$24,228.33
Pic River First Nation$40,751.25
School Energy Coalition$30,876.00
EB-2010-0377,0378,0379, EB-2011-0004, EB-2011-0043 (multiple decisions)
Ontario Energy Board, Consultation Process to Implement the Renewed Regulatory Framework for Electricity Distributors $353,956.96
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$60,150.63
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$27,628.50
Building Owners & Managers Association$11,187.00
Consumers Council of Canada$46,798.95
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$19,047.28
Energy Probe Research Foundation$24,902.46
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$11,509.34
Low Income Energy Network$10,814.10
Northwestern Ontario Association of Chamber of Commerce$1,908.73
Ontario Sustainable Energy Association$6,056.80
Retail Council of Canada$1,936.99
School Energy Coalition$66,495.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$65,521.18
ELK Energy Inc, 2012 EDR Cost of Service $55,367.32
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$7,353.48
Energy Probe Research Foundation$14,110.27
School Energy Coalition$16,632.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$17,271.57
EB-2012-0002 (multiple decisions)
Ontario Power Generation, 2013-14 Rates Application $162,426.74
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$17,052.75
Consumers Council of Canada$39,471.97
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$28,193.61
Energy Probe Research Foundation$26,118.27
School Energy Coalition$43,725.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$7,865.14
Hydro One Networks Inc, 2013 Transmission Rates Application $652,605.40
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$88,052.68
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$262,929.05
Building Owners & Managers Association$33,872.87
Consumers Council of Canada$63,877.77
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$48,519.52
Energy Probe Research Foundation$39,462.94
London Property Management Association$20,658.66
School Energy Coalition$43,528.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$51,703.91
EB-2012-0064 (multiple decisions)
Toronto Hydro Electric System Limited, 2012 EDR IRM Application $746,938.54
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$146,095.41
Building Owners & Managers Association$130,504.40
Consumers Council of Canada$83,902.50
Energy Probe Research Foundation$103,008.27
Environmental Defence$37,837.07
School Energy Coalition$137,021.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$108,569.89
EB-2012-0100, EB-2012-0211
Independent Electricity System Operator, Smart Metering Rates Application $82,395.73
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$8,869.86
Consumers Council of Canada$20,144.46
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$12,820.15
Energy Probe Research Foundation$14,203.98
School Energy Coalition$14,538.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$11,819.28
Bluewater Power Distribution Company, 2013 EDR Cost of Service $67,659.03
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$15,617.09
Energy Probe Research Foundation$17,909.24
School Energy Coalition$14,256.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$19,876.70
Greater Sudbury Hydro Inc, 2013 EDR Cost of Service $44,963.28
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$6,065.28
Energy Probe Research Foundation$13,187.53
School Energy Coalition$8,024.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$17,686.47
Hydro One Networks Inc, 2013 EDR IRM Application $137,894.50
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$16,913.12
Consumers Council of Canada$16,780.50
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$19,674.94
Energy Probe Research Foundation$17,898.71
School Energy Coalition$35,641.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$30,986.23
Northern Ontario Wires Inc, 2013 EDR Cost of Service $39,331.56
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$8,253.78
School Energy Coalition$11,271.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$19,806.78
Thunder Bay Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc, 2013 EDR Cost of Service $51,460.49
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$6,548.35
Energy Probe Research Foundation$15,417.84
School Energy Coalition$9,690.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$19,804.30
West Coast Huron Energy Inc, 2013 EDR Cost of Service $45,032.88
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$11,593.80
School Energy Coalition$11,934.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$21,505.08
Ontario Energy Board, Regulatory Direction and Oversight: Consultation on Electricity Distributor Efficiency $13,693.44
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$2,360.43
Consumers Council of Canada$2,610.30
Canadian Federation of Independent Business$2,237.40
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,028.02
School Energy Coalition$2,838.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$2,619.29
EB-2012-0337 (multiple decisions)
Union Gas Limited, CDM Rates $292,669.08
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$141,306.43
Building Owners & Managers Association$12,694.14
Consumers Council of Canada$2,983.20
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$11,953.32
Environmental Defence$14,086.86
Green Energy Coalition$63,234.71
Industrial Gas Users Association$28,355.38
Low Income Energy Network$11,941.55
London Property Management Association$2,237.40
School Energy Coalition$3,135.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$741.09
EB-2012-0451, EB-2012-0433, EB-2013-0074
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc and Union Gas Limited: Leave to Construct GTA-Parkway Pipelines $1,785,479.39
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$163,905.74
Building Owners & Managers Association$160,043.08
Consumers Council of Canada$102,361.05
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$170,758.27
Council of Canadians$152,606.27
Energy Probe Research Foundation$100,955.51
Environmental Defence$145,712.58
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$111,503.71
Green Energy Coalition$319,956.54
Industrial Gas Users Association$91,503.95
London Property Management Association$59,837.49
Markham Gateway$79,435.12
School Energy Coalition$90,655.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$36,245.08
Union Gas Limited, 2011 Earnings Sharing and Disposition of Deferral Accounts and Other Balances $249,536.75
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$26,747.10
Building Owners & Managers Association$30,703.22
Consumer Council of Canada$17,217.03
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$85,049.30
Energy Probe$16,673.96
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$36,317.27
Industrial Gas Users Association$15,071.56
London Property Management Association$9,807.30
School Energy Coalition$8,151.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$3,799.01
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc, 2011 Earning Sharing Mechanism - Deferral Account $108,702.89
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$9,776.66
Consumers Council of Canada$12,939.63
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$35,733.08
Energy Probe Research Foundation$10,647.21
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$22,834.79
School Energy Coalition$8,184.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$8,587.52
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc, 2013 Gas Distribution Rates $775,118.57
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$54,077.90
Building Owners & Managers Association$97,895.66
Consumer Council of Canada$100,446.63
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$163,331.43
Energy Probe Research Foundation$52,486.68
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$46,400.47
Green Energy Coalition$7,277.83
HVAC Coalition$22,110.00
Industrial Gas Users Association$3,181.02
School Energy Coalition$82,560.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$145,350.95
EB-2013-0010, EB-2013-0029
RES Generators, Review of Certain Amendments to the Market Rules Made by the IESO $33,497.60
Building Owners & Managers Association$10,397.07
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$2,976.42
Energy Probe Research Foundation$11,235.11
School Energy Coalition$8,889.00
EB-2012-0394 (multiple decisions)
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc, 2013-14 DSM Plan $54,074.15
Building Owners & Managers Association$4,810.41
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$11,385.86
Environmental Defence$11,119.16
Green Energy Coalition$10,613.08
Industrial Gas Users Association$5,457.94
School Energy Coalition$7,108.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$3,579.70
Enersource Hydro Mississauga, LRAM Rates Application $2,133.43
Building Owners & Managers Association$1,491.60
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$641.83
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc, 2012 Earnings Sharing Mechanism $98,629.79
Building Owners & Managers Association$19,017.90
Consumers Council of Canada$8,203.80
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$26,459.99
Energy Probe Research Foundation$8,720.42
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$17,654.36
Industrial Gas Users Association$3,503.29
School Energy Coalition$9,239.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$5,831.03
Ontario Power Generation, Reliability Must Run - Thunder Bay GS Application $42,834.36
Building Owners & Managers Association$2,947.61
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$6,248.62
Energy Probe Research Foundation$11,973.26
Northwestern Ontario Association for Chamber of Commerce$19,606.86
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$2,058.01
PowerStream Inc, CDM $9,512.43
Building Owners & Managers Association$7,316.70
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$2,195.73
Union Gas Limited, Distribution Rates 2014-18 $10,029.56
Building Owners & Managers Association$1,864.50
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$3,130.10
Energy Probe Research Foundation$792.08
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$786.71
Industrial Gas Users Association$317.03
London Property Management Association$447.48
Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers$2,691.66
Dufferin Wind Power Inc, Leave to Construct a New Transmission Line $28,506.51
Lori Bryenton$5,978.12
Conserve Our Rural Environment$22,528.39
Ontario Energy Board, Consultation on IRM for Setting Payments for OPG's Prescribed Generation Assets (EB-2010-0008) $59,349.31
Consumers Council of Canada$5,779.95
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$5,465.53
Energy Probe Research Foundation$13,387.06
Green Energy Coalition$6,779.19
London Property Management Association$9,807.27
Retail Council of Canada$5,906.31
School Energy Coalition$12,224.00
EB-2008-0150 (multiple decisions)
Ontario Energy Board, Emergency Financial Assistance Working Group $4,854.22
Consumers Council of Canada$1,678.05
Low Income Energy Network$260.65
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$2,915.52
Ontario Energy Board, Policy Review of Micro-Embedded Generation Connection Issues $7,934.97
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,022.65
Northwestern Ontario Association of Chamber of Commerce$5,197.31
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$1,715.01
Union Gas Limited, 2013 QRAM $1,437.72
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$886.49
Industrial Gas Users Association$551.23
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc, 2013 QRAM $1,257.20
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$688.17
Industrial Gas Users Association$569.03
Hydro One Networks Inc, 2014 EDR IRM $28,159.33
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$7,109.96
Ontario Sustainable Energy Assocation$6,663.12
School Energy Coalition$5,236.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$9,150.25
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc, Open Bill Access $47,341.60
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$10,287.25
Energy Probe Research Foundation$5,045.44
HVAC Coalition$13,629.00
Low Income Energy Network$7,356.87
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$11,023.04
Union Gas Limited, 2013 QRAM $1,121.60
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$757.10
Industrial Gas Users Association$364.50
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc, 2013 QRAM $1,386.59
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$854.85
Industrial Gas Users Association$531.74
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc, 2013 QRAM $1,855.25
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$950.33
Industrial Gas Users Association$904.92
Union Gas Limited, 2013 QRAM $1,418.23
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$886.49
Industrial Gas Users Association$531.74
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc, 2014 QRAM $2,361.49
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,643.02
Industrial Gas Users Association$718.47
Union Gas Limited, 2014 QRAM $2,123.91
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,572.96
Industrial Gas Users Association$550.95
Hydro Ottawa Limited, 2014 EDR IRM $2,848.72
Energy Probe Research Foundation$1,653.41
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$1,195.31
Westario Power Inc, 2013 EDR Cost of Service $44,851.69
Energy Probe Research Foundation$16,980.12
School Energy Coalition$9,752.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$18,119.57
Hydro One Remote Communities, 2013 EDR Cost of Service $69,517.82
Energy Probe Research Foundation$9,054.61
Nishnawbe Aski Nation$30,225.64
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$16,249.04
Cat Lake First Nation$13,988.53
Collus PowerStream Corporation, 2013 EDR Cost of Service $47,480.33
Energy Probe Research Foundation$17,359.49
School Energy Coalition$10,370.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$19,750.84
Welland Hydro Electric System, 2013 EDR Cost of Service $44,983.39
Energy Probe Research Foundation$14,378.34
School Energy Coalition$9,537.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$21,068.05
Peterborough Distribution Inc, 2013 EDR Cost of Service $52,620.48
Energy Probe Research Foundation$13,988.53
School Energy Coalition$22,243.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$16,388.95
Tillsonburg Hydro Inc, 2013 EDR Cost of Service $30,745.19
Energy Probe Research Foundation$15,758.34
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$14,986.85
PUC Distribution Inc, 2013 EDR Cost of Service $56,455.79
Energy Probe Research Foundation$15,476.56
School Energy Coalition$20,428.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$20,551.23
EB-2012-0146, EB-2013-0380
London Hydro Inc, 2013 EDR Cost of Service and Variance and Deferral Account $87,902.34
Energy Probe Research Foundation$21,773.29
London Property Management Association$18,202.82
School Energy Coalition$24,570.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$23,356.23
Innisfil Hydro Distribution Inc, 2013 EDR Cost of Service $40,322.67
Energy Probe Research Foundation$15,227.02
School Energy Coalition$7,786.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$17,309.65
Lakeland Power Distribution Inc, 2013 EDR Cost of Service $39,728.47
Energy Probe Research Foundation$14,546.62
School Energy Coalition$7,799.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$17,382.85
Hydro One Networks Inc, Guelph Area Transmission Reinforcement Project $28,061.87
Environmental Defence$28,061.87
EB-2013-0040, EB-2013-0041
Bornish Wind LP, Leave to Construct a Transmission Line and Transmission Facilities $9,732.69
Group of Intervenors$9,732.69
OEB Initiative - GDAR Residential Customer Service Amendments Approved and Issued by the Board $4,101.90
Low Income Energy Network$4,101.90
Hydro One Remote Communities, ED Licence Amendment Requesting Exemptions from Specific DSC Amendments and LEAP $70,236.84
Nishnawbe Aski Nation$70,236.84
Varna Wind GP, Leave to Construct a Transmission Facilities in Huron County $9,612.91
Ritzema Dairy Ltd.$9,612.91
K2 Wind Limited Ontario Partnership, Leave to Construct Transmission Facilities $6,656.25
Residents Group$6,656.25
Horizon Utilities Corporation, Service Area Amendment - Schedule 1 Amendment to add Summit Park 7 $20,229.00
School Energy Coalition$20,229.00
Toronto Hydro Electric System Limited, Disposition and Recovery of Amounts Related to Smart Meter Activities from 2008 to 2010 $5,097.45
School Energy Coalition$2,295.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$2,802.45
Festival Hydro Inc, 2013 EDR IRM $3,843.10
School Energy Coalition$1,598.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$2,245.10
EB-2012-0226, EB-2012-0227
Union Gas Limited, Leave to Construct Application - Thunder Bay Pipeline Project  $7,345.77
Thunder Bay Terminals Limited$7,345.77
Woodstock Hydro Services Inc, 2013 EDR IRM $1,751.39
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$1,751.39
EB-2012-0414, EB-2012-0120
Electricity Distributors Association, CANDAS - Access to the Power Poles of LDCs for Purposes of Wireless Telecommunications  $6,345.02
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$6,345.02
Natural Resource Gas Limited, 2012 Rates $3,773.02
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$3,773.02
Hydro One Brampton Networks Inc, 2013 Smart Meter Cost Recovery Application $2,047.62
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$2,047.62
Erie Thames Powerlines Corporation, 2013 EDR IRM $839.32
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$839.32
Atikokan Hydro Inc, 2013 Smart Meter Cost Recovery $987.43
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$987.43
Whitby Hydro Electric Corporation, 2013 Smart Meter Cost Recovery $1,948.87
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$1,948.87
Milton Hydro Distribution Inc, Notice of Motion to Vary Board's Decision and Order EB-2012-0148 $1,132.94
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$1,132.94
Cooperative Hydro Embrun Inc, 2014 EDR Cost of Service $13,260.15
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$13,260.15
Enersource Hydro Mississauga, 2014 EDR IRM $657.42
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$657.42
Renfrew Hydro Inc, 2013 EDR IRM $197.49
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$197.49
Sioux Lookout Hydro Inc, 2013 EDR Cost of Service $10,317.34
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$10,317.34
St. Thomas Energy Inc, 2013 EDR IRM $197.49
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$197.49
Kenora Hydro Electric Corporation, 2013 EDR IRM $493.72
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$493.72
Lakefront Utilities Inc, 2013 EDR IRM $1,060.19
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$1,060.19
Orangeville Hydro Limited, 2013 EDR IRM $246.86
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$246.86
Ottawa River Power Corporation, 2013 EDR IRM $296.23
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$296.23
Milton Hydro Distribution Inc, 2013 EDR IRM $2,245.10
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$2,245.10
Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc, 2013 EDR IRM $246.86
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$246.86
Norfolk Power Distribution Inc, 2013 EDR IRM $740.57
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$740.57
Algoma Power Inc, 2013 EDR IRM $2,047.62
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$2,047.62
Centre Wellington Hydro Inc, 2013 EDR Cost of Service $13,798.04
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$13,798.04
Chapleau Public Utilities Corporation, 2013 EDR IRM $444.34
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$444.34
Haldimand County Hydro Inc, 2013 EDR IRM $197.49
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$197.49
Hydro 2000 Inc, 2013 EDR IRM $197.49
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$197.49
Essex Powerlines Corporation, 2013 EDR IRM $246.86
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$246.86
Natural Resource Gas Limited, Multi-Year Incentive Rate Mechanism Plan $14,993.35
Vulnerable Energy Consumer Coalition$14,993.35