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We are the independent regulator of Ontario’s electricity and natural gas sectors.

We protect the interests of consumers and deliver public value that contributes to Ontario’s economic, social and environmental development.

What's New

The OEB has issued a letter which provides the calculations for 2024 preliminary Uniform Transmission Rates (UTRs) and facilitates their implementation in applicable 2024 electricity distributor rate applications. The OEB is issuing preliminary UTRs to improve regulatory efficiency.

As part of its Reliability and Power Quality Review (RPQR) initiative, the OEB has established a new Transmission Subgroup to review the policy framework related to the current customer-specific reliability standards – called “customer delivery point performance standards” – that apply to electricity transmitters. The review includes the scope of those standards. The RPQR Transmission Subgroup held its first meeting today.

The OEB has made changes to the form and content of its Notices of Hearing (Notice), as well as how Notices are served and published.

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