Cost Awards by Case

April 1, 2014 - March 31, 2015

Case Number

Case Description


Total Cost Award

Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc. - 2014 electricity distribution rates (EDR), cost of service (CoS) $79,710.94
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$18,432.19
Energy Probe Research Foundation$16,157.82
HVAC Coalition$7,227.00
School Energy Coalition$19,788.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$18,105.93
Ontario Energy Board (OEB): review of framework governing the participation of intervenors in OEB proceedings $199,215.26
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$11,342.38
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$8,674.96
Building Owners & Managers Association$11,559.90
Consumers Council of Canada$9,881.85
Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses$9,834.39
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$16,812.96
Energy Probe Research Foundation$10,491.61
Ecology Ottawa$14,850.00
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$8,203.80
Gas Pipeline Landowners of Ontario and Lambton County Storage Association$7,302.99
Green Energy Coalition$4,903.64
Industrial Gas Users Association$8,294.69
Low Income Energy Network$12,319.96
London Property Management Association$15,438.06
Nishnawbe Aski Nation$16,800.28
Ontario Association of Physical Plant Administrators$1,380.00
Ontario Sustainable Energy Association$5,402.60
School Energy Coalition$14,850.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$10,871.19
EB-2013-0321 Decision Date: July 24, 2014
Ontario Power Generation (OPG) 2014-15 payment amounts $509,111.54
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$101,487.44
Consumers Council of Canada$49,782.15
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$71,174.02
Energy Probe Research Foundation$24,483.41
Environmental Defence$22,752.65
Green Energy Coalition$36,303.63
Haudenosaunee Development Institute$15,377.80
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper$1,469.00
London Property Management Association$38,817.46
Retail Council of Canada$6,223.36
School Energy Coalition$108,278.50
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$31,759.18
EB-2013-0321 Decision Date: February 10,2015
OPG 2014-15 payment amounts $608,997.80
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$98,695.01
Consumers Council of Canada$33,561.00
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$141,350.99
Energy Probe Research Foundation$31,055.59
Environmental Defence$16,877.63
Green Energy Coalition$47,464.73
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper$5,780.00
London Property Management Association$21,814.65
Retail Council of Canada$2,278.48
School Energy Coalition$158,201.13
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$51,452.25
Ontario Power Authority (OPA) 2014 revenue requirement submission $166,930.75
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$15,723.95
Building Owners & Managers Association$34,352.78
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$37,563.98
Energy Probe Research Foundation$34,303.65
School Energy Coalition$15,579.31
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$29,407.08
Horizon Utilities Corporation - 2015-19 EDR, custom incentive regulation (IR) $291,754.12
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$36,863.09
Building Owners & Managers Association$49,462.74
Consumers Council of Canada$30,950.70
Energy Probe Research Foundation$47,135.27
School Energy Coalition$58,477.50
Sustainable Infrastructure Alliance of Ontario$17,286.18
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$51,578.64
OEB: MAADs rate making policy review $30,996.45
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$3,438.03
Consumers Council of Canada$4,101.90
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$5,439.82
London Property Management Association$5,332.47
School Energy Coalition$7,271.55
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$5,412.68
Hydro One Networks Inc. - 2015-16 electricity transmission revenue requirement $6,401.60
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$2,183.00
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,489.55
Energy Probe Research Foundation$1,203.45
London Property Management Association$596.64
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$928.96
OEB: 2015-20 demand side management (DSM) guidelines $151,006.20
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$6,059.63
Building Owners & Managers Association$7,585.01
Consumers Council of Canada$16,034.70
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$8,118.49
Energy Probe Research Foundation$5,607.23
Environmental Defence$13,453.21
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$4,288.35
Green Energy Coalition$8,606.40
Industrial Gas Users Association$20,610.59
Low Income Energy Network$12,264.53
London Property Management Association$8,241.09
Ontario Sustainable Energy Association$19,441.02
School Energy Coalition$20,695.95
Union Gas Limited - one-time exemption to reduce certain penalty charges $41,189.67
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$7,102.05
Building Owners & Managers Association$6,676.74
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$6,764.18
Industrial Gas Users Association$10,354.66
London Property Management Association$2,088.24
Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers$8,203.80
Union Gas Limited - 2015 rates, custom IR $73,239.93
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$10,883.79
Building Owners & Managers Association$11,946.35
Consumers Council of Canada$3,915.45
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$16,423.14
Energy Probe Research Foundation$6,445.91
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$3,915.45
London Property Management Association$5,270.82
Ontario Association of Physical Plant Administrators$2,185.00
Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers$5,277.67
School Energy Coalition$3,803.58
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$3,172.77
Union Gas Limited - 2014 rates $374,573.06
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$24,191.99
Building Owners & Managers Association$41,554.61
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$99,167.69
Energy Probe Research Foundation$27,150.64
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$27,111.27
Industrial Gas Users Association$48,091.72
London Property Management Association$18,285.53
Ontario Association of Physical Plant Administrators$5,577.50
Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers$39,827.98
School Energy Coalition$22,224.84
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$21,389.29
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. - 2014-18 rates, custom IR $1,226,780.22
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$192,584.21
Building Owners & Managers Association$174,456.17
Consumers Council of Canada$94,343.70
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$179,285.38
Energy Probe Research Foundation$106,514.17
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$117,910.57
Industrial Gas Users Association$51,155.98
School Energy Coalition$227,160.51
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$83,369.53
Union Gas Limited - 2012 earnings sharing mechanism (ESM) $265,053.69
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$18,768.17
Building Owners & Managers Association$37,103.55
Consumers Council of Canada$12,678.60
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$54,763.09
Energy Probe Research Foundation$19,671.91
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$41,336.41
Industrial Gas Users Association$8,324.92
London Property Management Association$14,719.31
Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers$7,143.86
School Energy Coalition$36,517.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$14,026.87
Dufferin Wind Power Inc. - authority to expropriate interests in certain lands $14,993.45
Mr. Marc Atkinson$14,993.45
OEB: smart grid advisory committee $23,679.15
Building Owners & Managers Association$23,679.15
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. - clearance of 2012 DSM variance accounts $29,228.24
Building Owners & Managers Association$8,119.03
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$2,109.71
Green Energy Coalition$1,460.92
Industrial Gas Users Association$3,843.58
School Energy Coalition$13,695.00
Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) - 2014 fees $20,712.89
Building Owners & Managers Association$7,186.78
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$5,473.16
Energy Probe Research Foundation$5,737.69
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$2,315.26
OEB: OPA licence amendment, regional infrastructure planning consultation $15,975.99
Building Owners & Managers Association$1,327.73
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,597.54
Northwestern Ontario Association of Chamber of Commerce$5,159.00
Ontario Electricity Storage Alliance$3,899.63
Ontario Sustainable Energy Association$2,486.08
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. - clearance of 2013 DSM variance accounts $9,928.75
Building Owners & Managers Association$4,101.90
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,401.77
Energy Probe Research Foundation$4,425.08
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. - settlement agreement related to service at the Dawn Hub $745.80
Building Owners & Managers Association$745.80
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. - 2013 DSM clearance of deferral and variance accounts $22,143.15
Building Owners & Managers Association$4,023.88
Consumers Council of Canada$2,610.30
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$4,918.61
Energy Probe Research Foundation$3,248.25
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$4,724.12
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$2,617.99
Union Gas Limited - 2013 ESM account clearance $91,630.70
Building Owners & Managers Association$14,666.54
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$20,036.88
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$11,000.55
Industrial Gas Users Association$19,117.71
London Property Management Association$8,571.77
Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers$12,406.22
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$5,831.03
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. - 2014 Q2 QRAM $20,665.27
Consumers Council of Canada$3,729.00
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$6,930.29
Energy Probe Research Foundation$1,671.52
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$3,356.10
Industrial Gas Users Association$4,463.86
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$514.50
OEB: low-income assistance strategy review $15,182.66
Consumers Council of Canada$4,915.50
Energy Probe Research Foundation$5,908.09
Low Income Energy Network$157.30
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$4,201.77
Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited - the attachment of wireless telecommunications devices to utility poles $177,173.47
Consumers Council of Canada$29,459.10
Energy Probe Research Foundation$29,383.00
School Energy Coalition$29,308.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$89,023.37
Veridian Connections Inc. - 2014 EDR, CoS $77,571.66
Consumers Council of Canada$20,509.50
Energy Probe Research Foundation$21,328.77
School Energy Coalition$18,798.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$16,935.39
OEB: policy initiative pertaining to low-income energy consumers $3,010.41
Consumers Council of Canada$1,491.60
Low Income Energy Network$146.80
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,372.01
Hydro One Networks Inc. - MAADs application, leave to purchase shares of Norfolk Power Inc. $65,962.65
Consumers Council of Canada$10,814.10
School Energy Coalition$45,412.44
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$9,736.11
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. - 2015 Q1 QRAM $2,938.38
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,376.34
Industrial Gas Users Association$1,562.04
Union Gas Limited - 2015 Q1 QRAM $2,740.32
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,769.58
Industrial Gas Users Association$970.74
OEB: review of the QRAM process $8,712.61
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,708.28
Energy Probe Research Foundation$2,156.63
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$2,983.20
London Property Management Association$1,864.50
Union Gas Limited - 2014 Q4 QRAM $5,767.76
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,856.59
Industrial Gas Users Association$3,911.17
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. - 2014 Q4 QRAM $7,131.58
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$2,954.10
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$2,610.30
Industrial Gas Users Association$1,567.18
Union Gas Limited - 2014 Q2 QRAM $3,201.27
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,296.68
Industrial Gas Users Association$1,904.59
Innpower Corporation - 2015 EDR, price cap IR $17,075.19
Energy Probe Research Foundation$7,935.42
School Energy Coalition$4,418.30
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$4,721.47
Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc. - 2015 EDR, price cap IR $4,113.66
Energy Probe Research Foundation$1,782.81
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$2,330.85
St.Thomas Energy Inc. - 2015 EDR, CoS $41,573.74
Energy Probe Research Foundation$18,227.87
School Energy Coalition$9,605.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$13,740.87
School Energy Coalition - motion to review decision, EB-2013-0147 (Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc. 2014 EDR, CoS) $11,297.49
Energy Probe Research Foundation$1,298.24
School Energy Coalition$8,613.99
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,385.26
Milton Hydro Distribution Inc. - Z factor related to December 2013 ice storm $7,657.05
Energy Probe Research Foundation$3,601.83
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$4,055.22
Halton Hills Hydro Inc. - Z factor related to December 2013 ice storm $4,849.10
Energy Probe Research Foundation$2,861.12
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,987.98
Great Lakes Power Transmission Inc. - 2015-16 electricity transmission revenue requirement $36,969.35
Energy Probe Research Foundation$15,863.18
School Energy Coalition$6,627.45
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$14,478.72
Burlington Hydro Inc. - Z factor related to December 2013 ice storm $4,292.36
Energy Probe Research Foundation$2,320.10
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,972.26
Orangeville Hydro Limited - 2014 EDR, CoS $44,070.41
Energy Probe Research Foundation$17,649.99
School Energy Coalition$11,055.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$15,365.42
Wellington North Power Inc. - 2014 EDR, annual IR $4,373.39
Energy Probe Research Foundation$2,279.10
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$2,094.29
PowerStream Inc. - 2014 EDR, annual IR $21,834.64
Energy Probe Research Foundation$5,296.78
School Energy Coalition$9,999.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$6,538.86
Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc. - 2014 EDR, CoS $95,032.03
Energy Probe Research Foundation$33,972.13
School Energy Coalition$29,535.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$31,524.90
Haldimand County Hydro Inc. - 2014 EDR, CoS $26,514.19
Energy Probe Research Foundation$12,237.01
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$14,277.18
Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro Inc. - 2014 EDR, CoS $31,869.86
Energy Probe Research Foundation$13,699.79
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$18,170.07
Brantford Power Inc. - 2013 EDR, CoS $41,393.08
Energy Probe Research Foundation$15,420.34
School Energy Coalition$11,560.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$14,412.74
OEB: review of cost allocation policy for unmetered loads $15,368.30
Energy Probe Research Foundation$5,271.75
London Property Management Association$1,864.50
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$8,232.05
Burlington Hydro Inc. - 2014 EDR, CoS $45,735.67
Energy Probe Research Foundation$15,684.39
School Energy Coalition$14,093.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$15,958.28
Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro Inc. - 2014 EDR, CoS $85,400.74
Energy Probe Research Foundation$31,209.16
School Energy Coalition$24,275.79
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$29,915.79
Environmental Defence - motion to review supplemental cost claim in EB-2012-0451, EB-2012-0433 and EB-2013-0074 (Union/Enbridge combined proceeding) $16,739.14
Environmental Defence$16,739.14
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. - QRAM-related, final approval for Rider C commodity unit rates $1,938.02
Industrial Gas Users Association$1,938.02
London Hydro Inc. - accounting order to establish deferral and variance accounts $1,118.70
London Property Management Association$1,118.70
OEB: funding of capital investments $4,825.03
School Energy Coalition$3,281.52
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,543.51
EnWin Utilities Ltd. - charges for electricity distribution in relation to smart meter deployment $1,857.87
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,857.87
Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. - charges for electricity distribution in relation to smart meter deployment $2,211.16
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$2,211.16
Chapleau Public Utilities Corporation - 2014 EDR, annual IR $657.42
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$657.42
Entegrus Powerlines Inc. - 2014 EDR, annual IR $1,075.78
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,075.78
Espanola Regional Hydro Distribution Corporation - 2014 EDR, annual IR $2,699.33
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$2,699.33
Essex Powerlines Corporation - 2014 EDR, annual IR $776.95
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$776.95
Fort Frances Power Corporation - 2014 EDR, CoS $11,858.25
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$11,858.25
Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation - 2014 EDR, annual IR $1,562.62
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,562.62
Lakefront Utilities Inc. - 2014 EDR, annual IR $776.95
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$776.95
London Hydro Inc. - 2014 EDR, annual IR $956.25
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$956.25
North Bay Hydro Distribution Limited - 2014 EDR, annual IR $2,211.16
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$2,211.16
Hydro Hawkesbury Inc. - 2014 EDR, CoS $11,471.18
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$11,471.18
PUC Distribution Inc. - 2014 EDR, annual IR $537.89
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$537.89
Westario Power Inc. - 2014 EDR, annual IR $418.36
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$418.36
Brantford Power Inc. - 2015 EDR, price cap IR $1,075.78
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,075.78
PowerStream Inc. - 2015 EDR, price cap IR $956.25
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$956.25
Canadian Niagara Power Inc. - 2015 EDR, price cap IR $896.48
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$896.48
Enersource Hydro Mississauga Inc. - 2015 EDR, price cap IR $956.25
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$956.25
Grimsby Power Incorporated - 2015 EDR, price cap IR $1,016.01
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,016.01
Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc - 2015 EDR, price cap IR $478.12
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$478.12