Cost Awards by Case

April 1, 2015 - March 31, 2016

Case Number

Case Description


Total Cost Award

Algoma Power, 2015 electricity distribution rates, cost of service $100,410.64
Algoma Coalition$45,309.90
Energy Probe Research Foundation$26,462.22
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$28,638.52
Algoma Power, 2016 electricity distribution rates, price cap IR $7,744.29
Algoma Coalition$4,975.73
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$2,768.56
Horizon Utilities, 2016 electricity distribution rates year 2 custom IR $42,735.61
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$5,542.88
Building Owners & Managers Association$7,861.56
Consumers Council of Canada$5,864.70
Energy Probe Research Foundation$6,634.95
School Energy Coalition$9,508.95
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$7,322.57
Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Deferral and Variance Account $105,746.88
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$10,785.85
Consumers Council of Canada$13,610.85
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$23,921.82
Energy Probe Research Foundation$14,079.30
London Property Management Association$6,413.88
School Energy Coalition$36,935.18
Festival Hydro, 2015 electricity distribution rates, cost of service $113,207.86
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$20,097.28
Energy Probe Research Foundation$33,360.41
School Energy Coalition$27,210.40
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$32,539.77
Ontario Energy Board (OEB), Rate Design for Electricity Distributors $93,401.37
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$4,743.18
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$8,110.58
Building Owners & Managers Association$9,350.28
Consumers Council of Canada$5,220.60
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$6,444.39
Canadian Solar Industries Association$6,635.93
Energy Probe Research Foundation$7,425.71
Green Energy Coalition$8,867.27
Low Income Energy Network$8,308.74
London Property Management Association$9,247.92
School Energy Coalition$9,098.76
Sustainable Infrastructure Alliance of Ontario$5,488.98
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$4,459.03
OEB, Cost Allocation and Rate Design Policy for Load Displacement Generation review $37,627.63
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$11,623.43
Building Owners & Managers Association$4,497.38
Ontario Association of Physical Plant Administrators$8,730.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$12,776.82
Hydro One Networks, 2015-19 electricity distribution rates, custom IR $656,076.75
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$76,623.06
Balsam Lake Coalition$11,841.75
Consumers Council of Canada$68,240.70
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$117,285.61
City of Hamilton$52,323.52
Energy Probe Research Foundation$70,116.94
Green Energy Coalition$29,837.46
School Energy Coalition$87,237.13
Sustainable Infrastructure Alliance of Ontario$39,897.48
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$102,673.10
Hydro One, Transmission Reinforcement, Leave to Construct $134,039.51
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$4,568.00
Building Owners & Managers Association$9,061.47
Consumers Council of Canada$14,627.85
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$21,329.03
Energy Probe Research Foundation$14,734.28
E3 Coalition$59,383.90
London Property Management Association$3,803.58
School Energy Coalition$6,531.40
EB-2014-0189 /
OEB: System Reliability Performance Targets $24,888.53
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$2,680.93
Building Owners & Managers Association$123.17
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$3,272.76
Energy Probe Research Foundation$5,271.75
London Property Management Association$4,325.64
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$9,214.28
Hydro One Transmission, North West Bulk Transmission Line Deferral Account  $14,416.60
Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario$2,793.93
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$4,107.83
Energy Probe Research Foundation$3,413.33
School Energy Coalition$2,074.68
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$2,026.83
Windlectric s.92, leave to construct $7,764.60
Association to Protect Amherst Island$7,764.60
wpd White Pines, leave to construct transmission facilities $15,976.63
Alliance to Protect PEC$11,600.81
Gordon Gibbins$2,654.60
Union Gas, 2013 demand side management Deferral account $17,691.59
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$5,000.00
Building Owners & Managers Association$4,674.80
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,938.52
London Property Management Association$1,789.92
Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers$4,288.35
OEB, 2014 Natural Gas Market Review $140,213.70
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$12,679.39
Building Owners & Managers Association$12,878.60
Consumers Council of Canada$11,187.00
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$26,549.09
Energy Probe Research Foundation$12,010.60
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$13,074.10
Industrial Gas Users Association$12,331.37
London Property Management Association$12,492.15
Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers$8,226.40
School Energy Coalition$5,368.63
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$13,416.37
Enbridge Gas, 2015 rates custom IR $102,459.78
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$6,948.78
Building Owners & Managers Association$10,850.23
Consumers Council of Canada$7,085.10
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$27,986.15
Energy Probe Research Foundation$10,475.87
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$23,046.95
Ontario Association of Physical Plant Administrators$2,254.00
School Energy Coalition$2,834.04
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$10,978.66
Union Gas, 2016 Dawn Parkway System Expansion  $149,426.59
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$25,920.17
Building Owners & Managers Association$22,448.58
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$39,333.44
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$5,034.15
Gas Pipeline Landowners of Ontario$30,435.51
London Property Management Association$9,210.63
Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers$5,034.15
School Energy Coalition$7,722.42
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$4,287.54
Union Gas, Burlington-Oakville pipeline project $233,420.83
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$28,385.53
Building Owners & Managers Association$22,540.06
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$83,545.36
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$32,692.90
London Property Management Association$8,688.57
Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers$33,544.17
School Energy Coalition$15,348.79
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$8,675.45
Union Gas, 2014 Deferral Account Disposition and earnings share mechanism $88,503.26
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$8,272.58
Building Owners & Managers Association$16,010.96
Consumers Council of Canada$4,101.90
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$15,326.47
Energy Probe Research Foundation$10,386.41
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$7,334.80
London Property Management Association$5,966.40
Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers$6,898.65
School Energy Coalition$9,053.56
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$5,151.53
Enbridge Gas, 2016 rates, custom IR, year 3 $71,752.22
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$7,159.80
Building Owners & Managers Association$11,498.87
Consumers Council of Canada$5,034.15
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$9,264.87
Energy Probe Research Foundation$8,378.89
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$11,635.46
Industrial Gas Users Association$4,279.83
School Energy Coalition$8,166.51
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$6,333.84
Union Gas, 2016 rates, custom IR, year 3  $92,070.35
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$10,549.20
Building Owners & Managers Association$10,081.85
Consumers Council of Canada$5,593.50
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$12,928.61
Energy Probe Research Foundation$10,793.78
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$8,262.22
Industrial Gas Users Association$5,416.15
London Property Management Association$5,459.92
Ontario Association of Physical Plant Administrators$1,794.00
Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers$6,750.62
School Energy Coalition$8,464.83
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$5,975.67
Enbridge Gas, 2014 earnings share mechanism and Deferral & Variance Accounts $51,196.76
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$2,036.09
Building Owners & Managers Association$8,824.46
Consumers Council of Canada$3,915.45
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$15,035.50
Energy Probe Research Foundation$4,394.19
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$7,867.06
School Energy Coalition$3,803.58
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$5,320.43
EB-2015-0166 /
Enbridge Gas & Union Gas, NEXUS long-term contract $183,079.84
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$15,669.26
Building Owners & Managers Association$38,049.52
Consumers Council of Canada$8,017.36
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$25,058.12
Energy Probe Research Foundation$14,551.10
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$39,915.42
Industrial Gas Users Association$7,230.22
London Property Management Association$12,568.54
School Energy Coalition$13,868.50$1,902.40
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$6,249.40
Union Gas, 2017 Dawn to Parkway project $117,929.38
Association of Power Producers of Ontario$14,922.68
Building Owners & Managers Association$9,358.63
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$14,578.01
Energy Probe Research Foundation$16,297.16
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario$17,502.45
Industrial Gas Users Association$14,310.36
London Property Management Association$9,448.92
School Energy Coalition$9,028.70
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$12,482.47
Hydro One Networks, 2016 electricity distribution rates, custom IR, year 2 $23,812.92
Balsam Lake Coalition$3,932.40
Consumers Council of Canada$2,610.30
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$4,578.76
Energy Probe Research Foundation$8,226.06
School Energy Coalition$1,440.75
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$3,024.65
Union Gas, Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) proposal  $134,125.21
Building Owners & Managers Association$17,384.06
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$20,293.61
Energy Probe Research Foundation$19,298.13
Industrial Gas Users Association$1,592.24
Northeast Midstream LP$63,488.77
School Energy Coalition$12,068.40
Hydro One Brampton, 2015 electricity distribution rates, cost of service $100,435.00
Building Owners & Managers Association$29,234.50
Energy Probe Research Foundation$25,175.20
School Energy Coalition$20,257.02
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$25,768.28
OEB, Effectiveness of Part II of the Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010 $35,128.26
Building Owners & Managers Association$8,974.45
Consumers Council of Canada$6,339.30
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$2,607.76
London Property Management Association$8,949.60
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$8,257.15
Kingston Hydro, 2016 electricity distribution rates, custom IR $122,075.66
Consumers Council of Canada$23,780.85
Energy Probe Research Foundation$26,227.22
School Energy Coalition$34,310.19
Sustainable Infrastructure Alliance of Ontario$6,717.85
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$31,039.55
Hydro Ottawa, 2016 electricity distribution rates, custom IR $217,209.91
Consumers Council of Canada$26,797.95
Energy Probe Research Foundation$42,059.35
School Energy Coalition$75,599.65
Sustainable Infrastructure Alliance of Ontario$9,831.00
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$62,921.96
OEB, Electricity Distributors' Residential Billing Practices $10,073.96
Consumers Council of Canada$3,548.20
London Property Management Association$3,654.42
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$2,871.34
Oshawa PUC, 2015-19 electricity distribution rates, custom IR $276,948.55
Consumers Council of Canada$56,680.80
Energy Probe Research Foundation$64,227.03
Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce$31,759.55
School Energy Coalition$52,804.39
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$71,476.78
Hydro One Networks, MAADs, Woodstock Hydro $44,065.48
Concerned Citizens$12,678.60
School Energy Coalition$31,386.88
EB-2014-0053 /
EB-2014-0361 /
Natural Resource Gas, 2014 QRAM $2,213.67
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$2,213.67
Union Gas & Enbridge Gas, demand side management measures $672.35
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$672.35
B2M LP, cost of service $22,343.37
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$22,343.37
Enbridge Gas, Q2 2015 QRAM $1,832.09
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,065.03
Industrial Gas Users Association$767.06
Union Gas, Q2 2015 QRAM $2,458.11
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,337.36
Industrial Gas Users Association$1,120.75
Enbridge Gas Q3 2015 QRAM $1,799.88
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,182.83
Industrial Gas Users Association$617.05
Union Gas, Q3 2015 QRAM $2,347.08
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,376.34
Industrial Gas Users Association$970.74
Union Gas, Q4 2015 QRAM $1,691.12
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,018.13
Industrial Gas Users Association$672.99
Enbridge Gas, Q4 2015 QRAM $1,730.67
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$1,057.68
Industrial Gas Users Association$672.99
Enbridge Gas, Q1 2016 QRAM $1,656.09
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$983.10
Industrial Gas Users Association$672.99
Union Gas, Q1 2016 QRAM $1,571.34
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$786.48
Industrial Gas Users Association$784.86
Natural Resource Gas, motion to review EB-2014-0154 $3,213.44
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters$3,213.44
Essex Powerlines, 2015 electricity distribution rates, price cap IR $22,934.46
Energy Probe Research Foundation$3,742.41
School Energy Coalition$8,788.01
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$10,404.04
Cambridge Hydro, 2015 electricity distribution rates, price cap IR $4,932.74
Energy Probe Research Foundation$2,303.06
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$2,629.68
Niagara Peninsula, 2015 electricity distribution rates, cost of service $77,857.03
Energy Probe Research Foundation$27,447.22
School Energy Coalition$22,970.64
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$27,439.17
Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2015 electricity distribution rates, price cap IR $4,726.38
Energy Probe Research Foundation$2,267.92
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$2,458.46
North Bay Hydro, 2015 electricity distribution rates, cost of service $78,367.68
Energy Probe Research Foundation$28,216.46
North Bay Taxpayers’s Association $884.65
School Energy Coalition$24,542.47
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$24,724.10
Veridian Connections, z factor $3,178.31
Energy Probe Research Foundation$1,743.94
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,434.37
Guelph Hydro, 2016 electricity distribution rates, cost of service $81,817.83
Energy Probe Research Foundation$23,364.25
School Energy Coalition$34,033.34
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$24,420.24
Union Gas, Sudbury expansion project $8,085.64
Energy Probe Research Foundation$4,526.25
Industrial Gas Users Association$3,559.39
Waterloo North Hydro, 2016 electricity distribution rates, cost of service $86,657.12
Energy Probe Research Foundation$23,198.96
E2 Energy Inc.$20,060.33
School Energy Coalition$19,502.67
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$23,895.16
OEB, 2015-20 demand side management guidelines $20,468.16
Environmental Defence$3,907.96
Green Energy Coalition$2,388.84
Industrial Gas Users Association$2,760.62
School Energy Coalition$11,410.74
EB-2011-0043 Dec 11, 2015
OEB, Regional Planning $1,413.33
Iain Angus$617.36
Ray Quinn$795.97
EB-2011-0043 Jun 16, 2015
OEB, Regional Planning $1,658.33
Iain Angus$1,093.41
Ray Quinn$564.92
OEB, Low-Income Assistance Strategy Review $8,250.00
Low Income Energy Network$8,250.00
wpd Sumac Ridge, s.41(9) $8,121.99
OEB, new policy options for the Funding of Capital Investments $10,814.10
School Energy Coalition$10,814.10
Hydro One Networks, MAADs, Haldimand County Hydro $5,817.24
School Energy Coalition$5,817.24
Haldimand County Hydro 2016 electricity distribution rates, Annual IR $1,135.54
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,135.54
Woodstock Hydro 2016 electricity distribution rates, price cap IR $1,143.30
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,143.30
Orillia Power, rate adder - disposition of account 1576 $1,262.84
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,262.84
Festival Hydro, 2016 electricity distribution rates, price cap IR $1,084.73
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,084.73
Lakeland Power, 2016 electricity distribution rates, price cap IR $1,383.64
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,383.64
Whitby Hydro, 2016 electricity distribution rates, price cap IR $1,263.15
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,263.15
OEB, Review of Cost Allocation Policy for Unmetered Loads $4,201.77
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$4,201.77
Halton Hills, 2015 electricity distribution rates, price cap IR $956.25
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$956.25
Hearst Power, 2015 electricity distribution rates, cost of service $20,424.21
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$20,424.21
Centre Wellington Hydro, 2015 electricity distribution rates, price cap IR $657.42
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$657.42
Entegrus Powerlines, 2015 electricity distribution rates, price cap IR $1,322.91
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,322.91
Espanola Regional Hydro, 2015 electricity distribution rates, price cap IR $1,075.78
Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition$1,075.78