Report to the Minister of Energy

Below is the Report of the Ontario Energy Board's Consultation and Review: "Giving a Voice to Ontarians on Energy East." The report was prepared at the request of the Minister of Energy, and sets out the OEB’s assessment of the potential benefits and impacts of the proposed Energy East from an Ontario perspective.




Final Technical Reports

Below are the final reports prepared by our Technical Advisors.




Written Comments

Below are the Part Two written comments submitted by organizations.




Meeting Documents

Consultation documents, including the Letter from the Minister of Energy to the OEB, the OEB Energy East Consultation Plan and meeting presentations and summaries of feedback, can be viewed by clicking on the links below.


Overview Documents:



Part One - Summary Reports:

First Nations and Métis


Part One - Community Discussion Documents:


Part One - Community Discussion Summaries:


Part One - Local Presentations at Community Discussions:


Thunder Bay:



North Bay:




Part One - First Nation and Métis Documents:



Part Two - Summary Reports:

First Nations and Métis


Part Two – Community Discussion Documents:


Part Two – Community Discussion Summaries:


Part Two - First Nations and Métis Documents:


Part Two - First Nation and Métis Community Discussion Summaries:



Province-Wide Stakeholder Forum (Jan 29 & 30, 2015):



Preliminary Assessment





Province-Wide Stakeholder Meetings




Background Reports

To better understand the four areas of potential impact, the OEB has retained prominent technical advisors to provide advice to the OEB on the potential risks and benefits of the proposed Energy East Pipeline for Ontario. These technical advisors will work closely together to ensure a full understanding of the areas of potential impact, particularly where they are interrelated (e.g. pipeline safety and environmental considerations). Their reports will be publicly available as part of the province wide consultation and will include analysis and input on the following topics:

The technical advisors hired by the OEB will each write two reports – a Background and a Final Report – outlining the potential impacts of the proposed project. These reports together with input received from the public, First Nations and Métis, and stakeholders will be considered by the OEB in preparation of its report to the Minister.




TransCanada’s Energy East Proposal

As a part of the National Energy Board’s pipeline review process, TransCanada is required to undertake its own analysis and produce information on the economic, environmental and socio-economic impacts of its Energy East proposal. We haveve included a link to their website below. It includes fact sheets, FAQs and other information written specifically for the public. We will post key documents that TransCanada submits to the National Energy Board regarding its Energy East proposal and other related projects as they become available. We have also included links to the NEB's Energy East web page and a few documents that provide information on the NEB hearing process.


Links to TransCanada's Proposed Project:

Information on the National Energy Board's Hearing Process:




Other Resources and Perspectives on TransCanada’s Energy East Proposal

There are many organizations with a range of perspectives on TransCanada’s Energy East proposal. You can learn more about these organizations and their views on the Energy East proposal and petroleum pipelines more broadly by clicking on the links below.


General Resources:

Energy East:

Other Pipeline Projects: