2020 - 2021

The following timeline captures the important milestones, our accomplishments, as we drive toward greater transparency and accountability, improving our own and sector efficiency, enhancing public trust and delivering value for the people of Ontario.


  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Minister of Energy and the OEB finalized
  • OEB Virtual Symposium - Energize, Optimize, Modernize: Towards Regulatory Excellence
  • Announcement of the Framework for Energy Innovation
  • New Performance Standards for applications processing
  • Approval of 3-year OEB Business Plan for 2021-2024
  • Top Quartile Regulator report issued


  • Bill 87 was proclaimed and the Ontario Energy Board's new corporate governance structure came into effect
  • CEO outreach to industry stakeholders included:
    • Letter to all stakeholders to share modernization mandate
    • Industry stakeholders invited to participate in online survey to assess OEB’s performance
    • Virtual Meet and Greet with Intervenor Community hosted by the CEO and Chief Commissioner
  • OEB Financial Review completed