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We hold ourselves accountable to the sector we serve, the customers who use it and to each other through integrity of governance, clarity of process and independence of decision making. As part of being accountable, we are therefore reporting on adjudicative performance through this dashboard.

Our Adjudicative Reporting Dashboard provides regulated entities with more transparency into our adjudicative process, in particular the metrics and targets we have set to measure the efficiency of our decision-making. First published in 2021, the dashboard is updated twice per year.

What follows is a summary of achievements against our adjudicative targets for the 2023-2024 fiscal year.


Current Report

Fiscal 2023-2024: Year End Results (April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024)

  1. The OEB issued 288 decisions in Fiscal 2023-2024 – 90% of panel decisions and 100% of Delegated Authority decisions were issued in accordance with the total cycle time performance standards (the panel target is 85% while the Delegated Authority target is 95%).
  2. Of all decisions issued, 90% were issued more than 14 days in advance of the decision metric date.
  3. The OEB met its decision writing timelines in all but two proceedings.
  4. December 2023 and March 2024 were the months in which the most decisions were issued by the OEB. Forty-one decisions were issued in each of those months (82 or 28% of all decisions).


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description 288 Total Decisions
description 284 Within Target
description 4 Outside Target
people 42 Decisions Issued by Panels of Commissioners
people 246 Decisions Issued by Delegated Authority
schedule 90% Total Decisions Issued within Standard (Target = 85%)
schedule 100% Total Delegated Authority Decisions Issued within Standard (Target = 95%)
schedule 95% Decision Writing Time within Standard (for Decisions Issued by Panels of Commissioners)

Total Decisions Issued



The majority of decisions (85%) issued by the OEB were heard by Delegated Authority. This is slightly higher than historical trends (Fiscal 2022-2023 was 81%), due to a larger than normal number of Licence applications. 

79% of the decisions issued in Fiscal 2023-2024 were for applications related to electricity.

55% of all the decisions issued were for Licence applications, Rates comprised 30% of decisions, followed by Facilities (12%) and Mergers, Amalgamations, Acquisitions and Divestitures (3%).

Decision Issuance Spectrum



In addition to monitoring whether a decision is issued on time or late, the OEB also monitors the degree to which decisions were issued early or late relative to the total cycle time decision metric date established by the applicable performance standard. This Decision Issuance Spectrum highlights the fact that 90% of decisions issued this reporting period were issued more than two weeks in advance of the total cycle time metric date.

Four panel decisions were issued after the total cycle time performance standard:

1.     EPCOR Electricity Distribution Ontario Inc. cost of service 2023 distribution rates (EB-2022-0028). The OEB granted various extensions for filings throughout the proceeding. Although it missed the metric date, the decision was issued months in advance of the effective date of October 1 for the approved rates.
2.    Entegrus Powerlines Inc. electricity distribution licence service area amendment with Hydro One (EB-2022-0178). The amendment was contested and the OEB provided for additional procedural steps.
3.    Enbridge Gas Inc. 2023 Leave to Construct Panhandle Regional Expansion Project (EB-2022-0157). This proceeding was more complex than a typical natural gas leave to construct application and included intervenor evidence and an oral hearing. The decision has not yet been issued for this proceeding.
4.    Alectra Utilities Corporation Incremental Capital Module for 2024 distribution rates (EB-2023-0004). After the reply submission, the OEB had follow-up questions for the applicant.

Key Documents Issued



The OEB issues many documents aside from decisions each month. Key Documents refers to all other documents that are issued by the OEB but are not a final Decision and Order (e.g., Notice, Procedural Order, Letter to Industry, etc.). The OEB issued 40 Key Documents on average each month of Fiscal 2023-2024.

Average Time for Procedural Order No. 1 (PO#1), Decision Writing and Total Cycle

The OEB has committed to report on the performance of key application milestones for applications heard by panels of Commissioners for major application types. The three graphs illustrate the performance for various application types relative to the performance standard for:



This graph provides the average time from receipt of a complete application to the issuance of PO#1 and compares this to the performance standard.



This graph provides the average time from the close of the record to the issuance of the decision and compares this to the performance standard.

The average decision writing time for the Rates <$500M performance standard is much lower than the metric of 60 calendar days because six applications heard under this performance standard achieved full settlement proposals that were accepted by the OEB. Full settlements generally reduce the amount of time required for decision writing relative to the performance standard.

The OEB issued eight decisions in Fiscal 2023-2024 under the Facilities – Complex performance standard, several of which had similar elements.



This graph provides the average time from a complete application to the issuance of the decision, and compares it to the performance standard.


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