Mission and mandate

Learn more about our mandate, which is determined by the provincial government through legislation and regulation.
About us

The Ontario Energy Board is an independent regulatory body that makes decisions and provides advice to the government in order to contribute to a sustainable, reliable energy sector and to help consumers get value from their natural gas and electricity services. We do this by:

  • Establishing rates and prices that are reasonable to consumers and that allow utilities to invest in the system
  • Encouraging higher performance from natural gas and electricity utilities and measuring progress
  • Making the consumer’s own usage, and the broader energy issues, easier to understand
  • Looking out for consumer interests, investigating complaints and applying penalties, where appropriate
  • Thinking about the long-term needs of the energy sector and developing regulatory policy to meet emerging challenges.

What laws guide our actions?

Our mandate and authority come from the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998, the Electricity Act, 1998, and a number of other provincial statutes including: the Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010, the Municipal Franchises Act, the Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Act, the Assessment Act, and the Toronto District Heating Corporation Act.

The following table includes a description of the powers we hold or the duties we perform under some of these statutes.

Acts and Regulations


Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998 The Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998, outlines the mandate of the Ontario Energy Board with respect to electricity and natural gas regulation.
Electricity Act, 1998

The Electricity Act, 1998, outlines the framework for Ontario's competitive electricity marketplace.

Municipal Franchises Act

The Municipal Franchises Act provides for the granting of a franchise to a natural gas distributor to provide natural gas service within a municipality.

Statutory Powers Procedure Act

The Ontario Energy Board's processes are generally governed by the Statutory Powers Procedure Act.

What does our mandate mean for you?

It means we make rules that energy companies must live by. It means we can take action if they break our rules or the laws that we enforce, like applying penalties. It means we monitor how they perform and how they treat you to be sure it’s legal. It means we listen if you make a complaint about them and act upon what we hear, if an issue needs to be resolved. And lastly, it means that we think about the long-term needs of our energy sector and develop regulatory policy to meet those needs and emerging challenges.

Learn more about how we set rules that energy companies must follow

What does our mandate mean for Ontario’s energy sector?

We develop policies that directly affect Ontario’s energy industry, through activities including:

  • Stakeholder working groups
  • Public consultations
  • Research and a review of practices in other provinces or countries

We engage in these ways in order to listen and learn. We want to be as informed as we can be, in order to make policies that provide the best solutions for Ontarians and the energy sector, for today and tomorrow.

Regulation and the public interest

As Ontario’s independent energy regulator, we look to align the interests of energy utilities with consumers’ interests.

Consumers are well served if pricing and the standard of service they receive from their energy utilities are fair and reasonable. Energy utilities are well served if they are viable businesses that can sustain the investment needed to deliver reliable service over the long term. This is what we mean when we say our goal is to ensure Ontario’s energy sector is in the public interest, for today and tomorrow.