Reporting and record keeping requirements (RRR)

As part of our oversight role, the OEB collects financial and non-financial information from regulated entities as set out in the Reporting and Record-keeping Requirements (RRR). The data collected through RRR ranges from financial and operating information to reliability and customer service, and provides an overview of the electricity and natural gas sectors. The OEB uses this data for performance reporting and to identify trends in areas that may drive sector improvement.

Reporting Schedule

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Electricity Distributors RRR Infographic

The Electricity RRR Section 2 sets the minimum reporting and record-keeping requirements with which a licensed electricity distributor must comply. The interactive infographic below provides an overview of how this data is used at the OEB.

RRR infographic - how is it used?

Interactive Infographic

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RRR Documents

Electricity Reporting and Record Keeping Requirements

The Electricity Reporting and Record Keeping Requirements (RRRs) constitute the Board’s current requirements to maintain and file information under the licence conditions.

Electricity Reporting and Record Keeping Requirements (pdf) (Effective March 8, 2023)


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Filing processes

Gas Reporting and Record Keeping Requirements
Stakeholder Consultations Related to RRR
RRR data revisions

After the RRR filing due date has passed for each reporting period, the e-Filing Services portal is closed and no further submissions or changes can be made to the RRR filings by regulated entities. A regulated entity needs to first seek the approval of the OEB in order to substantiate the requested changes and to gain access to the e-Filing Services portal to make any changes.

To facilitate the revision of previously filed RRR data, the OEB has rolled out a web-based RRR data revision request form for regulated entities to submit RRR data revision requests through its e-Filing Services portal. The web-based revision process permits for an automated record of the requested changes, communications tracking and allows regulated entities to include additional information (e.g., Excel, Word and PDF files to be uploaded) to support their requested changes.

March 8, 2023

May 3, 2016

February 17, 2010


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