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Check out Engage with Us, the OEB’s digital engagement platform. Connect with us, learn more about OEB projects and provide feedback on our initiatives and consultations. Your ideas help inform our work and we want to hear from you!

The OEB’s Stakeholder Engagement Framework and Digital First Strategy highlighted the need for the OEB’s non-adjudicative policies to be developed through accessible, transparent and inclusive consultation processes. Engage with Us is a modern, strategic tool that responds to these recommendations from internal and external stakeholders.

Engage with Us provides a centralized location for OEB’s consultation projects in a user-friendly environment. In January 2022, a select number of consultations will be located here; eventually, all suitable consultation pages will follow. Our stakeholder advisory committee pages are also located on the platform, including Energy [X] Change, Adjudicative Modernization Committee and Ontario Pipeline Coordinating Committee. 

We encourage you to take a moment to visit our site, learn about our projects and engage with us. 

Engage With Us