Ontario Electricity and Natural Gas Utilities - Service Area Map

Natural gas and electricity utilities have to obtain approval from the OEB to operate their systems in a given area (called “service area” or “service territory”). 

When a natural gas utility is approved, the OEB grants a “certificate of public convenience and necessity” (certificate). Electricity utilities, which are licensed by the OEB, receive approval through their licence.

This interactive map provides information about where certificates and licences have been granted in the province.

    Section 8(1) of the Municipal Franchises Act states that a Certificate is necessary before any person can construct works to supply gas in a municipality.

    The Certificate grants the right to construct infrastructure for the purposes of supplying gas to consumers in the service territory specified. The applicant must show that there is public convenience and necessity.


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How-to Video

View this short instructional video to learn more about the map features.

Map Features

  • Electricity and natural gas can be viewed either together or independently by choosing the layer.
  • Click on a region of the map or enter an address to find a utility; or, choose a utility from the right panel to find its service area.
  • Zoom in or out to narrow or expand your view; as you zoom the utility panels on the right adjust accordingly to reflect utilities in the new area.
  • View different types of map – e.g. topographic, street level, satellite imagery, dark/light view.
  • Find out the contact information for the utility and its municipality.
  • Download the relevant OEB documents that set out a utility’s service area boundaries:
    • Natural Gas - OEB Order granting the utility its Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity that sets out the exact area within a municipality where a gas distributor is permitted to construct gas works.
    • Electricity - The electricity distributor’s service area is set out in its licence.
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