Adjudicative Modernization Committee

The Adjudicative Modernization Committee (AMC) was established in June 2021. The AMC will be called upon to provide early advice to senior management and the Chief Commissioner, and serve as a forum for informal discussions with industry stakeholders on matters related to adjudication process and policy.

Note: Information related to the Adjudicative Modernization Committee can be found on OEB's digital engagement platform, Engage with Us. Visit the AMC page on Engage with Us.

Terms of Reference

The AMC will provide advice, input and feedback regarding matters such as Rules of Practice and Procedure and related Practice Directions, Filing Requirements, Guidelines, procedural practices (including matters managed by the Registrar), and other matters relating to the OEB’s adjudicative function and modernization efforts. A specific focus of the AMC will be to consider best practices and approaches to adjudication that enhance the OEB’s efficiency and effectiveness in delivering on our mandate. It will provide early perspectives and advice on any matters within the purview of the Chief Commissioner.