Conservation (CDM/DSM/IRP)

One of the OEB’s objectives is to promote energy conservation and energy efficiency in accordance with the policies of the Government of Ontario. Consistent with this objective, the OEB develops policies related to energy efficiency and energy conservation, considers utility requests for conservation programs, conducts research studies, and evaluates conservation program results. 

The links below provide greater details on the OEB’s involvement in energy conservation and energy efficiency in both the electricity and natural gas sectors, as well as information related to the OEB’s guidance on and activities related to non-pipeline alternatives for natural gas utilities (or integrated resource planning).  

  • Electricity Conservation and Demand Management (CDM)
    The OEB’s policies and guidance to electricity distributors’ involvement in electricity conservation programs. This includes opportunities for distribution rate funding for conservation activities to support system planning as well as guidance related to lost revenues from conservation programs.
  • Natural Gas Demand Side Management (DSM)
    The OEB’s policy framework, past OEB Decision and Orders on natural gas conservation applications, natural gas conservation potential research studies, and natural gas conservation program evaluation results. This includes detailed information related to energy efficiency and conservation programs for all customer types, budget information, and natural gas savings targets and performance metrics.
  • Natural Gas Integrated Resource Planning (IRP)
    The OEB’s policy framework and Decision and Order on Enbridge Gas Inc.’s application for policy guidance on its IRP proposal to consider non-pipeline alternatives. There is also information related to the OEB’s IRP Technical Work Group.
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