Energy [X] Change

The OEB Energy [X] Change was established in June 2021. Members serve as key contributors to our future planning discussions and prioritization processes. This committee is an integral part of the OEB's planning and an important vehicle for allowing us to leverage advice, input and feedback from executive stakeholders as the OEB continues on its journey towards modernization.

Note: Information related to the Energy [X] Change can be found on OEB's digital engagement platform, Engage with Us. Visit the EXC page on Engage with Us.


Terms of Reference

The objectives of the Energy [X] Change are to leverage advice, input and feedback from members on corporate priorities including strategic planning, business planning and budgeting, prioritizing regulatory policy development, identifying emerging trends and other initiatives of interest. In addition, it will support a number of advisory mechanisms available to help inform the OEB’s thinking as it continues on its modernization journey.