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The Ontario Energy Board offers a suite of filing systems that enable users to submit, view, search and retrieve files with ease. These services are on secure, password-protected sites.


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Case filings:          
For case filings to the Registrar's Office
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Reporting & Record Keeping Requirements (RRR) filings:          
For RRR filings and Electronic Certificates          
For more information on RRR, visit Reporting & Record Keeping Requirements
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Cost Claim filings:          
For filing of intervenor cost claims related to participation in an OEB process          
See below for more information
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LEAP forms for social agency partners:          
Funds Disbursement Report Form
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Public Document Search:          
Search for regulatory documents related to applications
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Filing Intervenor Cost Claims
RRR Guides and Instructional Videos - Electricity Distributors
RRR Guides and Instructional Videos - Natural Gas Distributors
RRR Guides and Instructional Videos - Electricity Transmitters, Retailers, Unit Sub-Meter Providers, Gas Marketers
OEB Digitization Program

In June 2020, the OEB moved to an entirely electronic record for all regulatory proceedings, permanently eliminating the filing requirement of submitting two hard copies of documents.



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