We issue rules and codes that energy companies must follow. The rules and codes define their responsibilities and obligations to consumers, other energy companies and energy-related agencies. We also provide guidelines to help energy companies understand the information we require before they make an application for a change to their rates or corporate structure or for approval to sell their assets or build new projects.

Listed below are the regulatory instruments that govern the energy industry participants, such as codes, guidelines and accounting. Information related to the electricity and natural gas reporting & record keeping requirements can be found under the RRR section of our website.


Title Sector Last revised
2005 Distribution Rate Adjustment Electricity December 20, 2004
2006 Electricity Distribution Rate Handbook Electricity May 11, 2005
Accounting Procedures for Electricity Accounting Procedures January 1, 2012
Accounting Procedures for Natural Gas Accounting Procedures April 1, 1996
Affiliate Relationships Code for Electricity Distributors and Transmitters Electricity March 15, 2010
Affiliate Relationships Code for Gas Utilities Natural Gas November 25, 2010
Authorized Electronic Business Transaction Standards (EBT) Electricity January 21, 2008
Code of Conduct for Gas Marketers Natural Gas February 1, 2020
Conservation and Demand Management Code for Electricity Distributors Electricity September 16, 2010
Conservation and Demand Management Guidelines for Electricity Distributors Electricity December 20, 2021
Cost of Capital Parameter Updates General Regulatory October 28, 2021
Demand Side Management Framework for Natural Gas Distributors Natural Gas December 22, 2014
Directive for the Disclosure of Information to Consumers by Electricity Retailers - Supply Mix Electricity March 1, 2000
Distribution System Code (DSC) Electricity March 1, 2020
Electricity Distributor Recovery of Regulatory Assets Electricity January 15, 2004
Electricity Retailer Code of Conduct Electricity February 1, 2020
Environmental Guidelines for Hydrocarbon Pipelines and Facilities in Ontario Natural Gas August 11, 2016
Filing Guidelines for Combined Service Area Amendment & Asset Transfer Applications Electricity March 30, 2016
Filing Guidelines for Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Electricity November 11, 2011
Filing Guidelines for Pre-Approval of Long-Term Natural Gas Supply and/or Upstream Transportation Contracts Natural Gas April 23, 2009
Filing Requirements for Natural Gas Rate Applications Natural Gas February 16, 2017
Filing Requirements for Service Area Amendment Applications Electricity March 12, 2007
Filing Requirements for Transmission and Distribution Applications Electricity December 16, 2021
Filing Requirements for Transmission Project Development Plans Electricity August 26, 2010
Gas Distribution Access Rule (GDAR) Natural Gas June 22, 2020
Guidelines for Assessing and Reporting on Natural Gas System Expansion in Ontario Natural Gas January 30, 1998
Handbook for Utility Rate Applications (electricity and natural gas) General Regulatory October 13, 2016
Mergers, Amalgamations, Acquisitions and Divestitures (MAADs) Electricity January 19, 2016
Model Franchise Agreement Natural Gas September 11, 2003
OEB Rules of Practice and Procedure General Regulatory December 17, 2021
OEB Rules of Practice and Procedure for Enforcement Proceedings General Regulatory December 17, 2021
OESP Guideline for Electricity Distributors and Unit Sub-Meter Providers Electricity July 7, 2016
Practice Direction on Confidential Filings General Regulatory December 17, 2021
Practice Direction on Cost Awards General Regulatory April 24, 2014
Practice Direction on Settlement Conferences General Regulatory February 17, 2021
Prescribed Interest Rates for Accounts of Natural Gas and Electricity Distributors Accounting Procedures December 9, 2021
Retail Settlement Code (RSC) Electricity November 1, 2021
Standard Supply Service Code (SSSC) Electricity October 13, 2020
Storage and Transportation Access Rule (STAR) Natural Gas December 9, 2009
Transmission System Code (TSC) Electricity December 18, 2018
Unit Sub-Metering Code Electricity March 1, 2020