Policy initiatives and consultations


As Ontario’s independent energy regulator, we develop policy that contributes to a sustainable and reliable energy sector and protects consumers. The Minister of Energy also calls on us to implement special requirements – called directives – and to provide expert and impartial advice on important policy initiatives.

How we develop new policies

When we develop new policies, we engage energy companies, energy-related agencies, public interest groups and consumers. Some of our practices include:

  • Stakeholder meetings, working groups and industry task forces
  • Public consultations and meetings with Indigenous Communities
  • Review of practices in other provinces or countries
  • Research

Active consultations are listed below. Closed/historic consultations can be found in our archive of policy initiatives and consultations.

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Date Launched Case no. Project Sector Status
1638421200 --
The Green Button industry-led working group (GB IWG) is a forum for distributors and other interested stakeholders to address issues that arise as distributors go through the process of implementing Green Button during the two-year implementation period.
Electricity, Natural Gas Active
1638248400 EB-2021-0307
Review of reliability and power quality in the Ontario electricity sector.
Electricity Active
1627531200 --
Integrated Resource Planning is a planning strategy and process that evaluates and compares demand-side and supply-side alternatives to pipeline infrastructure in meeting natural gas system needs.
Natural Gas Active
1625457600 EB-2021-0183
Consultation on the implementation of Green Button by electricity and gas distributors.
Electricity, Natural Gas Active
1624420800 EB-2021-0180
Consultation to renew the OEB's Innovation Sandbox.
Electricity, Natural Gas Active
1621310400 EB-2021-0146
Consultation to review EPCOR Natural Gas Limited Partnership’s Annual Update to the five-year natural gas supply plan.
Natural Gas Active
1620619200 TBD
Initiative to review the OEB's intervenor processes and cost awards practices.
Electricity, Natural Gas Active
1616472000 EB-2021-0118
Consultation to facilitate the deployment and adoption of innovative and cost-effective solutions, including distributed resources, in ways that enhance value for energy consumers (FEI).
Electricity Active
1608181200 EB-2021-0076
Initiative to find efficiencies in the rate application process for smaller (less than 20,000 customers) electricity distributors.
Electricity Active
1607576400 EB-2020-0176
Consultation process to undertake a review of the regional planning process that applies to Ontario’s electricity sector.
Electricity Active
1596772800 EB-2020-0185, EB-2020-0186
The Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines asked for the OEB’s support to implement the new COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program - Small Business (CEAP-SB) for small business and charity customers.
Electricity, Natural Gas Active
1593403200 EB-2020-0162, EB-2020-0163
The Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines asked for the OEB’s support to implement the new COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) for residential customers.
Electricity, Natural Gas Active
1565668800 EB-2019-0207, EB-2021-0117
Initiative to review requirements in regard to the connection of distributed energy resources (DERs) by licensed electricity distributors.
Electricity Active
1539144000 EB-2018-0278
Initiative to develop Activity and Program-based Benchmarking (APB) to encourage continuous improvement by regulated utilities.
Electricity Active
1538366400 EB-2018-0268
Initiative to review the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program Emergency Financial Assistance (LEAP EFA).
Electricity, Natural Gas Active
1494907200 EB-2017-0183
Review of customer service rules for electricity distributors, rate-regulated natural gas distributors and unit sub-meter providers.
Electricity, Natural Gas Complete
1489550400 EB-2015-0245
As part of the OEB’s leadership role related to DSM evaluation, measurement & verification (EM&V), the OEB, through its third party Evaluation Contractor, will review annual gas utility DSM program results.
Natural Gas Active
1468814400 EB-2016-0201
The OEB has issued its Regulated Price Plan Roadmap: Guideline for Pilot Projects on RPP Pricing.
Electricity Active
1446699600 EB-2015-0304
The OEB initiated a comprehensive policy review of miscellaneous rates and charges applied by electricity distributors for specific activities or services they provide to their customers.
Electricity Active
1432785600 EB-2015-0043
Consultation on rate design for commercial and industrial electricity customers.
Electricity Active
1131685200 --
Information on the implementation and evaluation of Board-approved CDM Programs and other electricity conservation matters
Electricity Active
1131685200 --
Information on conservation matters related to natural gas distributors.
Natural Gas Active
1120190400 EB-2004-0205
Monthly updates for the RPP Variance Settlement Amount.
Electricity Active
1116388800 EB-2004-0205
The OEB developed an electricity price plan that provides stable and predictable electricity pricing.
Electricity Active