We are Ontario’s independent energy regulator. Our goal is to ensure Ontario’s energy system remains sustainable, today and tomorrow, and that your energy rights are protected. We are an independent entity with full- and part-time Board members, an executive management team, and supporting staff.

How we’re structured

Our Board members are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. Appointments are made according to the procedures of the Public Appointments Secretariat of the Government of Ontario.

The Chair and two Vice-Chairs are responsible for overseeing the management and operations of the Board. They make up the Management Committee.

The Market Surveillance Panel is also the responsibility of the Ontario Energy Board. The Panel actively monitors the wholesale electricity market to identify inappropriate behaviour by market participants, as well as design flaws or inefficiencies in the market. Their work aims to help improve the rules and procedures that govern Ontario’s wholesale electricity market.

Guiding principles for how we operate

The Chair ensures that the Board, including its Management Committee, operates according to the following management principles:

  • Ethical behaviour
  • Prudent, efficient and lawful use of public resources
  • Fairness
  • High-quality service to the public.