Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited – 2025-2029 Electricity Distribution Rates

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited has applied to the Ontario Energy Board with a plan to set the amount it charges for electricity distribution in each of the five years beginning on January 1, 2025 and ending on December 31, 2029. Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited is also applying to clear several deferral and variance accounts by rate riders in each of these years. As part of this application, Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited has proposed a rate-setting formula and related elements that would set its distribution rates over this period. In subsequent rate applications, this formula would adjust the distribution rates for 2026 to 2029 period according to inflation and the other elements of that formula. If the application is approved as filed, the amount Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited charges for the typical residential customer using 750 kWh per month and for the typical General Service <50kW customer using 2000 kWh per month would increase in these years by the following amounts:

Residential Bill Impact (per month)$3.24$3.40$3.72$3.97$2.86
General Service < 50kW Bill Impact (per month)$14.18$9.24$9.61$10.67$7.29

Other customers, including businesses, are also affected. It is important to review the application carefully to determine whether you may be affected by these changes.

View Toronto Hydro’s 2024 electricity distribution rates application, EB-2023-0054, and their most recent rates rebasing application, EB-2018-0165.

October 4, 2023


  • Application Hearing Plan / Stakeholder Session
November 17, 2023

Application Hearing

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  • Draft Rate Order and Tariff Sheets
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This application will be heard using the Cost-Based> $500 million Revenue Requirement performance standard. Find out more about OEB Performance Standards for Processing Applications and use the Application Planning Tool to assist you with an estimate of the milestones in this proceeding.

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Stakeholder Session
  • Toronto Hydro Pre-filing Stakeholder Session – October 4, 2023

Application Hearing

Application and Evidence
Procedural Orders
Interrogatories / Interrogatory Responses


How is my utility performing?

View the OEB’s electricity utility scorecard for Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited. The scorecard can be used as a tool for consumers to assess for themselves the value of the service received from their electricity utility.

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