Apply for an amendment to a licence

If a licensee is seeking an amendment to its licence, the licensee must submit a written request for the amendment addressed to the Registrar that includes the following information:

  • a detailed description of the amendment;
  • reason(s) for the amendment/application; and
  • supporting documents (e.g., for a name change provide articles of amendment and/or certificate of amendment).

If you wish to have the proceeding disposed of without a hearing, you must request this in writing by referring to the test set out in section 21(4)(b) of the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998. You must consent to disposing of the proceeding without a hearing and you must demonstrate that no other person will be adversely affected in a material way by the outcome of the proceeding.

Anytime you make a licence amendment, please update the following applicable information with respect to your application:

  • any change of address for the licensee;
  • any change in contact name for the licensee;
  • any change to the directors and/or officers of the licensee;
  • if there is a change to the officers and/or directors, please complete and submit key individual forms for the new officers and/or directors (see the licence application for these forms);
    • with electricity retailer, smart sub-meterer and gas marketer licence amendment applications, please also submit two pieces of identification, one must include a photo;
  • any change in organizational structure; and
  • organizational charts before and after the change (if applicable).

Please note that for some amendments, there is additional information that the OEB typically requires.  By filing such information with your application, the processing of your application can be expedited. 

Amendments to Schedule 1 of Electricity Generation Licences:

Please provide the OEB with the following additional information for each facility:

  • Name and address of generation facility;
  • Size, fuel type, and number of units;
  • Name of the owner and operator;
  • Relevant financial information related to the amendment, (e.g., capital cost of the project(s), brief description of financing arrangements, date that generator is expected to be operational); and
  • Whether or not the facility is under a Standard Offer Program contract.

Amendments to a licensee’s name and/or Schedule 1 of Electricity Retailer, Smart Sub-Metering and Gas Marketer Licences:

If there are existing customers, please explain how they are affected by the name change.

If a licensed distributor is seeking a Service Area Amendment, please use the following link to access the filing requirements:

If a licensed distributor is seeking Elimination of a Load Transfer Arrangement(s), a Combined Service Area Amendment and Asset Transfer Application should be filed. Please use the following link to access the Filing Guidelines: