East-West Tie Line

Case number
EB-2011-0140, EB-2015-0216

In March 2011, the Minister of Energy asked the OEB to create a process for selecting the most qualified and cost-effective transmission company to develop the East-West Tie transmission line that connects Northeast and Northwest Ontario.

The OEB initiated a proceeding to designate a transmitter to carry out development work for the East-West Tie transmission line. Seven transmitters registered their interest in seeking designation in response to the OEB invitation of August 22, 2011. The OEB used a two phase process to reach its designation decision.

On July 12, 2012, the OEB issued its Phase 1 Decision and Order (pdf), which established specifics for the proceeding including decision criteria, filing requirements, obligations and consequences arising on designation, the hearing process for Phase 2 and the schedule for the filing of applications for designation. The OEB received six applications for designation, and considered the applications in Phase 2 of the proceeding, with the intent of selecting one of the applicants as the designated transmitter for development of the East-West Tie transmission line.

On August 7, 2013, the OEB issued its Phase 2 Decision and Order (pdf),  selecting Upper Canada Transmission Inc. as the transmitter to complete development work for the East-West Tie Line.

The East-West Tie was identified as a priority transmission project in Ontario’s 2013 Long-Term Energy Plan. The East-West Tie continues to be the Independent Electricity System Operator’s recommended alternative to maintain a reliable and cost-effective supply of electricity to northwestern Ontario for the long term.

In 2016, the Minister of Energy advised the OEB that the Lieutenant Governor in Council made an order effective March 4, 2016 (pdf) declaring that the construction of the East-West Tie transmission line is needed as a priority project. While the OEB is still required to give approval for the construction of the new line, the OEB accepts that the construction of this line is needed.

Applications for construction of the line and upgrading of station facilities have been filed. Learn more: East-West Tie Leave to Construct (EB-2017-0182 / EB-2017-0194).


Note: Project documents issued/received from July 9, 2015 onwards can be found under the case number EB-2015-0216.

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