Natural Gas Integrated Resource Planning (IRP)

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Natural Gas

Note: As of March 14, 2023, materials related to the IRP consultation are now located on the OEB’s digital engagement platform, Engage with Us. Visit the IRP project page on Engage with Us.


Integrated Resource Planning is a planning strategy and process that evaluates and compares demand-side and supply-side alternatives to pipeline infrastructure in meeting natural gas system needs, and identifies and implements the alternative (or combination of alternatives) that is in the best interest of Enbridge Gas and its customers, taking into account reliability and safety, cost-effectiveness, public policy, optimized scoping, and risk management.

The OEB issued a Decision and Order on July 22, 2021 on Enbridge's application requesting OEB policy guidance on its Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) proposal. In response, the OEB established a first-generation IRP Framework that provides direction on the OEB’s requirements as Enbridge Gas considers IRP to meet its system needs.

The OEB has established an IRP Technical Working Group to assist in the implementation of the IRP Framework.