Reporting and Record-keeping Requirements Consultation

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Note: Materials related to this consultation are located on the OEB's digital engagement platform, Engage with Us. Visit the Reporting and Record-keeping Requirements (RRR) Consultation page on Engage with Us.


The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has launched a consultation to engage stakeholders on the Reporting and Record-keeping Requirements (RRR) for Ontario's licensed electricity distributors. The RRR sets the minimum reporting and record keeping requirements with which licensees must comply and is an important repository of financial and non-financial data the OEB needs to fulfil its regulatory mandate. The purpose of this consultation is to gather feedback on opportunities to streamline the data collected through RRR, improve the systems used to collect that data and consider new areas of interest for data collection. 

This consultation is aligned with the OEB’s 2022-2025 Business Plan goal to evolve towards becoming a top quartile regulator and will bring value through highlighting ways in which the RRR and related processes can be modernized and streamlined to reduce regulatory burden and adapted to changes in the electricity sector. Through this consultation, the OEB will also provide an overview of an internal RRR Stewardship Program that the OEB has implemented with the aim of improving the RRR and existing processes, as well as share information about other RRR-related modernization activities.