Transmission Connections Review

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Note: Materials related to this consultation are located on the OEB's digital engagement platform, Engage with Us. Visit Transmission Connections Review.


The OEB is undertaking a review of the connection-related sections of the Transmission Systems Code (TSC) to enhance the effectiveness of connection processes, procedures, and requirements.

The TSC sets out the minimum standards that an electricity transmitter must meet in designing, constructing, managing, and operating its transmission system. It also stipulates the requirements, standards, terms, and conditions of a transmitter’s obligations to connect consumers to the transmission system, including performance standards, technical requirements and expansions and connections.

The provincial government’s Powering Ontario’s Growth(External link) report states that electricity demand is expected to increase over the coming decades, driven by economic growth and increased electrification. The Electrification and Energy Transition Panel’s Ontario’s Clean Energy Opportunity report(External link) noted that a key factor in attracting investment and enabling economic growth is timely access to electricity. The panel emphasized the proactive build-out of transmission infrastructure and actively steering new investment to suitable sites that allow for timely and cost-effective connections.

As the connection of new loads and supply resources including energy storage increases, the OEB’s review serves to ensure that the regulatory rules associated with connections in the TSC facilitate and enable those connections.

Stakeholders, including electricity transmitters, distributors, generators, licensed storage companies and other interested parties, will be invited to contribute comments and feedback throughout this engagement, that will inform the OEB’s Transmission Connections Review.

The review may result in amendments to the TSC and potentially other guidance to the industry, if required.