How we protect consumers

There are rules to protect you. You have rights but you also have responsibilities.
Consumer protection

We are Ontario’s independent energy regulator, and a major part of what we do is consumer protection. To do this we:

  • Issue licences that some energy companies need in order to do business
  • Monitor energy companies to ensure they are following the rules
  • Enforce the rules and take enforcement action - like imposing penalties/fines
  • Provide timely and helpful information about energy matters for residential consumers and small businesses

Other ways we protect you

In addition, we protect your interests as an energy consumer by:

  • Taking your complaints seriously if you think you’ve been subject to unfair business practices
  • Helping you resolve issues you’re experiencing with a particular energy company
  • Clamping down on energy companies that don’t follow our rules
Make a complaint

Unable to resolve an issue with your energy company? We want to hear from you if you have experienced behaviour that you consider unfair or unreasonable by an energy company that we license.

Stronger legislation to protect you

We did a review of the Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010, and recommended 14 new measures to the Minister of Energy. Our review contributed to new legislation and new rules that energy retailers must follow. The changes give better protection for residential and small business consumers.

On January 1, 2017, these new rules regarding energy retailers and energy contracts came into effect:

  • An energy retailer cannot sign you up for an energy contract while they are at your home.
  • Energy retailers can come to your home and give you information but may not leave a copy of a contract with you.
  • There are limits on the time of the day, and the number of times, an energy retailer can market to you at your home.
  • Commission-based sales are prohibited.
  • Energy contracts cannot be automatically renewed.
  • Cancellation fees have been reduced for most residential consumers.
  • All contracts now require verification, even those entered into over the internet. The energy retailer cannot verify the contract; it must be verified by a third party.

Take your time. Learn what to consider before you sign up for an energy contract