Service policies for natural gas utilities

Learn about the customer service policies that natural gas utilities apply, including special rules for low-income customers.
Consumer protection

Natural gas utilities in Ontario each have customer service standards and practices in dealing with residential customers. They also have policies specific to low-income customers. Similar to the rules that we require electricity utilities to follow, these policies relate to:

  • Security deposits
  • Under billing adjustments
  • Equalized billing and/or payment plan options
  • Disconnection relating to non-payment
  • Service charges and late payment charges
  • Arrears payment agreements
  • Special arrangements for low-income customers

We require Enbridge, Union Gas and EPCOR to set out their customer service-related standards and practices in a Customer Service Policy (also known as Conditions of Service) that must be available on their website. We require the utility to comply with its policy and to promptly notify customers of any changes to it. Contact your utility directly to learn more.

Kitchener Utilities and Utilities Kingston, which are not rate-regulated by the Ontario Energy Board, have separate customer service policies that are consistent with those of Enbridge, Union and EPCOR.

Have your say

Are there any times when Ontario energy utilities shouldn’t be allowed to disconnect customers? How much time should customers be given to pay and should they be allowed to use credit cards? Should energy utilities be allowed to ask for security deposits?

The OEB has launched an online survey to gather input from residential and small business consumers on these and other questions about customer service rules.

Contact your utility 

For more information about your utility’s customer service policies:

Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.
Telephone: (416) 758-4701

Union Gas Limited
Telephone: 1-888-774-3111 (Account & Billing Inquiries)
Email: - contact-email

EPCOR Natural Gas Limited Partnership (formerly Natural Resource Gas Limited)
Telephone: (519) 773-5321 ext 211

Kitchener Utilities (Billing Inquiries)
Telephone: (519) 741-2450

Utilities Kingston
Telephone: (613) 546-0000 (Call Centre)